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How to Have a Sexy Voice: 16 Ways to Make Your Listener Fall in Love

Knowing how to have a sexy voice is just as important as what you present to the world. You can be toned, fit, and fashionable, but the wrong voice can ruin it.

Benedict Cumberbatch. Cate Blanchett. Morgan Freeman. Just a few personalities with a sexy voice. The common qualities observed in their voices are distinct depth, pitch, and well-modulated volume capable of mesmerizing people. By knowing the qualities behind this and understanding how to have a sexy voice, it is possible for anyone to improve their voice.

So, let’s get started by avoiding bad speaking habits and exercise the little fixes that will soon lead to a sexier voice.

Assessing your voice

#1 Record your voice then listen to it. It’s difficult to assess the quality and sound of our own voice when just talking out loud. To get a good listen on how your voice sounds, record yourself speaking casually. Then, listen to it after.

This will give you an idea what you sound like when talking to other people. It allows you to pinpoint how to improve your voice. You may dislike your voice at first only because you’re not used to listening to it, but instead of being overly critical, work on small changes to begin with.[Read: How to improve yourself with these 16 powerful secrets]

#2 Know the flaws of your voice. People’s voices have certain qualities that make them unique and distinguishable. While some are already gifted with a good speaking voice, there are others who just sound a bit off or make a listener uncomfortable. [Read: 20 lifestyle decisions to make for a better life]

Voices are usually categorized into the following types:

**Raspy or broken voice – think of Christian Bale’s Batman or that friend who’s been nursing a cold for two days. This type of voice which makes the speaker sound like they have sandpaper for vocal chords is often seen as intimidating or uncomfortable for listeners.

**Nasal voice – Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins and Adam Sandler are two examples of people who possess this type of voice. As the word implies, their speaking voice seems to come straight out of the nose instead of the mouth.

It’s piercing and drone-like quality makes the nasal voice quite unattractive to some listeners though it might be useful if you’re voice acting for a muppet.

**Croaky voice – A croaky voice is something that people who have had too much whisky and cigarettes possess. A cross between a raspy and deep voice making it an acquired taste for some people. People listening to a croaky voice would easily associate it to femme fatale characters or movie villains.

**Mousy voice – this type of voice is only attractive if you’re a three-year-old trying to recite a nursery rhyme. The mousy voice is small, high-pitched, and fleeting which is cute at first but annoying after too much exposure.

**Mouth voice – the mouth voice is your regular speaking voice that lacks volume and pitch variation. It is monotonous and plain. When people fail to utilize their other voice-making organs when trying to speak, you end up with this type. Clear enough, this type of voice is boring and far from sexy.

What are the essential components of a sexy voice?

#3 Air volume. A person with a sexy voice knows how to fully control and use the right amount of air volume in their speech. Little use of air results in a whispery, mousy voice and too much air will make you sound like you’re seducing all the people you’re talking to. The right amount of air volume incorporated in speaking results in a sexier and well-modulated voice. [Read: 16 sultry and swoon-worthy Spanish pick-up lines]

#4 Depth. Depth is one of the most recognizable qualities of a sexy voice. We’re all familiar with how Sean Connery or James Earl Jones commands their audience with their powerful baritone voice. Vocal depth is achieved by speaking from your diaphragm and using the full power of your lungs to resonate the sound that your mouth makes.

#5 Proper enunciation. Aside from the mechanical process of making sounds, when it comes to learning how to have a sexy voice, the way a person pronounces their words is also a key component in projecting a sexy voice. Proper enunciation calls for the speaker to pronounce every syllable of every word in a clear and correct manner.

#6 Well-paced talking speed. Another key in achieving a sexy voice is talking at a moderate pace. By talking at the correct pace, you are able to enunciate properly and put emphasis and stress on certain words. By contrast, speaking at a very fast rate will make your voice sound manic and annoying.

#7 Natural accent. A person’s accent is the “signature” in a person’s speech. Though this is an acquired part of speech, being comfortable in using your own accent lends a unique sounding voice. An accent adds a melodic quality to a person’s voice making it pleasant-sounding to listeners. [Read: How to make people like you by charming everyone]

How to have a sexy voice

#8 Make it a point to relax prior to speaking. Achieving a relaxed state prior to talking will give you full control of your breathing, vocal chords, and oral muscles allowing you to control air output and enunciation better.

By contrast, a person who’s tense when trying to speak will suffer poor air control causing their voice to break or fade into a squeak.

#9 Practice talking using your diaphragm. As mentioned, using your diaphragm to facilitate air control will allow you to produce a deeper-sounding voice. To get a grasp on how it is done, try to speak as if mimicking a man’s deep voice.

Notice how speaking in this manner causes the sound to resonate in your chest cavity before coming out of your mouth. By using your diaphragm, you add warmth and body to your voice making it sound sexier.

#10 Practice talking slowly. Fast talkers are a bit of a pain to listen to. If you can imagine what it feels like to experience listening to such types, then it would be a brilliant idea to practice putting brakes on the rate of your speech.

Talking slowly gives you more control over your pronunciation making you less likely to stutter and use fillers. In addition to this, talking at the right pace will assure your listener’s attention to your voice.

#11 Mind your pronunciation. Mispronouncing words brings the wrong attention and distracts your train of thought. That’s why it is important that pronunciation is considered when going for that sexy voice. After all, a good-sounding voice is wasted if the way you pronounce words are way off.

#12 Swallow and clear your throat before talking. We’ve seen this a lot in movies or cartoon scenes of a character giving a speech. It might seem like a cliché but clearing your throat and swallowing excess saliva will make your vocal and word delivery unobstructed.

#13 Open your mouth and jaw when talking. Actors and singers are always taught to fully open their mouth and jaw when speaking to project their voice better. This practice relaxes and gets you used to using your mouth, facial, and jaw muscles when talking. If you want to know how to have a sexy voice, keep in mind that talking without fully opening your mouth will result in a subdued sound and less clarity to certain vocal sounds that require your mouth fully opened.

#14 Listen to people you know with a sexy voice and note how they speak. Getting that coveted sexy voice also involves a little research and investigation. If there’s a person or celebrity you know whose voice you want to have as your own, listen to them carefully and take note on how they pronounce and control their breathing while they are speaking.

#15 Know the habits that can alter the quality of your voice. Certain habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and eating too many sweet or spicy foods may drastically alter the quality of your voice.

Singers in particular avoid such practices to maintain their vocal quality. If you want a voice that’s truly sexy, avoid damaging vocal habits. [Read: The 20 life hacks you need to grow in confidence]

#16 Practice talks to get yourself used to your ideal sexy voice. Once you’ve identified all the techniques needed, all that’s left to do is practice until you get used to speaking in that voice. Keep on practicing until that sexy voice comes out of you naturally.

[Read: How to revamp and reveal the hot and sexy you]

Some people are naturally gifted with a sexy voice that makes their listeners fall in love. But it is possible to learn how to have a sexy voice with some copious practice.

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