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How to Flirt with a Guy Friend & Get Him Interested in Dating You

Have a male pal you are hoping to spark things up with? Well, you can easily learn how to flirt with a guy friend and get the outcome you desire.

Flirting with a guy friend is not that hard, but it is harder than you might expect. The flirting part is easy, but getting him to pick up on it is the hard part. I have your back with some tips on how to flirt with a guy friend.

Men can be clueless. Men that you’re friends with can be even more clueless.

Depending on how long you’ve been friends, he may not even process the thought that you could be romantically interested in him.

Although, flirting is all about the balance of attraction and subtlety, when it comes to learning how to flirt with a guy friend effectively, turn it up a notch. [Read: These are the flirting signs guys miss all the time]

How not to flirt with a guy friend

Now, there really is no wrong way to flirt with a guy friend. However, there are some go-to flirting moves that will be too subtle or plain odd on someone you already know.

For instance, do not use a pickup line on a guy friend. Not only will it feel out of place, but he will probably take it as a joke. If you are sincere about your interest in this guy friend, it can hurt to be rejected, but having him not even realize that you’re flirting can also be harsh.

Do not be too forward. Flirting with a guy friend is a glancing act. You want him to get the picture. You want to feel him out to see if he is flirting back. However, you don’t want to come on too strong because it could freak him out. [Read: What do guys think of their female friends? 15 secrets revealed]

When learning how to flirt with a  guy friend, moving too fast could sabotage what could become a good thing. Most guys aren’t great with change. Making your flirtation too obvious right off the bat could chase him away. A slow burn is the most effective when trying to make a guy friend into more.

Don’t trash talk other girls. Letting him know you don’t like his ex or that the girl he has been eyeing is no good will not do you any favors. First of all, we’re well into the 21st century. Let’s embrace the girl power and not bring other women down, especially for the attention of a guy, no matter how cute.

Telling your guy friend that his ex was snobby or that the girl he likes is loose will only make you look bad. Most guys do not want to hear you being catty towards women in general. Let alone women he had feelings for. He will likely take a comment like that as an attack on his judgment or taste rather than on these girls.

The perfect way to flirt is with mutual respect. Whether you are flirting with a guy friend to start dating or just for some friends with benefits hookups, keep respect and kindness at the forefront. [Read: How to ask a guy to be friends with benefits without getting turned down]

How to flirt with a guy friend subtly

As I said, learning how to flirt with a guy friend is about mastering subtlety and your attraction. Ease him into the idea of seeing you as more than a friend. Start with the subtle flirtations.

#1 Eye contact. Eye contact may seem like a go-to for any conversation, but it is something we often overlook. When you are chatting with a guy friend you like about anything, look into his eyes. Don’t stare like a creep, but make that visual connection.

Looking into someone’s eyes, even just for three seconds, can make a big emotional impact.

#2 Change up your look. I am not saying you need to color your hair or buy a new wardrobe. But do something minor to catch his attention. Maybe toss on a lip gloss or style your hair in a new way. These are things he may not notice or mention, but some part of him will process these changes. [Read: Atypical secrets to owning your beautiful you]

#3 Look into his interests. Maybe you connected as friends through your love of sports or The Office. Try to branch out from that. If you know he loves Star Wars, look into it. I do not advise changing who you are to suit him, but showing him you are making an effort to connect with him further will certainly say something.

#4 Be confident. You may always feel comfortable around him since he is your friend after all, but showing off your unashamed goofy side is actually flirty. Some people may think being silly around a guy friend you like would pigeonhole you into the friend zone, but being 100% yourself does the exact opposite.

#5 Invite him over. Depending on how close you are, he may have been over to your place numerous times. Now, invite him over alone. You don’t need to jump on him when he walks through the door, but inviting him into your safe space by himself shows your trust and comfort with him. [Read: The signs your guy friend is totally into you]

How to flirt with a guy friend and make a connection

Once you have made the more subtle flirtations towards a guy friend, move on up to being a little more obvious. Subconsciously, he may be coming around to the idea that you could be more than a friend.

So, slowly making your way from friends to more than that through flirting will give him time to fully get on the same page.

#1 Body language. Whether you high five or hug, amping up the physical affection is a key element to flirting with a guy friend. Lean against him when you’re watching TV. Brush against his arm when he says something funny. Even crossing your legs towards him is a sign of attraction. [Read: 18 body language signs that prove he likes you]

#2 Pull him aside. When you are in a group of friends, you shouldn’t only focus on him. But, make a point to talk to him privately. Group settings are great when you are in a stable relationship. When you are trying to flirt with a guy friend, separating those parts out is ideal.

Letting him see you away from the group will help him see you through a different lens, hopefully, a more romantic one. [Read: 21 moves to charm any guy and make him fall for you]

#3 Compliment him. Compliments go a lot further than you might imagine. Let him know he smells good. Tell him he looks nice in that shirt. Say you’re impressed with how he handled something recently. You don’t need to force compliments at him, but being genuine and upfront about the things you like about him will tell him you won’t reject him. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never, ever forget]

#4 Ask for his help. Doing something together is a surefire way to grow and connect. Ask for his help with a project like building something or even taking a drive to pick something up. Spending time figuring something out and learning together will inspire a new level in your relationship. [Read: How to encourage a guy to make the first move]

#5 Be direct. When you feel you’ve hit your limit with the flirting and subtle signs, tell him how you feel. Hinting at your feelings will only do so good. If you truly want to get a positive outcome, tell him you’re interested in him as more than a friend.

Let him know he can take his time to think about it and process this new information. Even with all the signs, it could take him a bit to catch up with you.

[Read: All the sneakiest ways to get a guy to ask you out in no time]

Learning how to flirt with a guy friend can be relatively simple. Just take your time and be patient with him coming around to the idea of seeing you as more than a friend.

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