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Eyebrow mistakes you don’t know you’re making

Everyone who chooses to wear makeup has their own individual routine for getting it done. While you may think the order doesn’t matter much, there is a recipe for success — well, at least when it comes to your brows. Maribeth Madron, brow expert for Maybelline New York, told Refinery29 why it’s vital to avoid starting with your brows. “It’s important to finish your complexion first. If you’re washed out, with no blush or color, you’re going to totally overdo the brows.”

According to the brow guru, your eyebrows should be left toward the end of your regimen. If you start with foundation and concealer, move on to bronzer, then blush, and then your eyebrows, you’ll better be able to create a cohesive and balanced look. After you do your brows, you can then start on your eye makeup, lip color, and anything else you care to add.

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