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Hairstyles your husband secretly hates

When Beauty Riot polled 50 random men for their opinions on Sienna Miller’s bright blonde, straight, and messy do, the guys didn’t hold back. On a scale from one to 10, the men rated the hairstyle as having a three in sex appeal. While one man appreciated the star’s straight hair, another revealed that it looked “a little ‘unkempt’ or slept on, ‘fried’ from coloring maybe.” Another chimed in, saying, “Hey lady, here’s five bucks, go buy a brush, will ya?” Hardy har har. 

Although unfussy, messy layers are expected to be on trend in 2019, men have difficulty coming to terms with the tousled look. According to a survey by Pantene, 70 percent of men said women “should put more effort/time into making their hair look nice.” Additionally, while only a little over a third of the men surveyed said they’d be able to spot a partner’s zit, 66 percent said they’d notice a bad hair day. “Bad hair,” it seems, is open for interpretation.

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