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Does Vaseline help eyebrows grow?

Love ’em or hate ’em, we need our eyebrows. Those arches of hair play an important part in protecting our eyes, and also help us communicate with our fellow humans through facial expression. This isn’t great news if you have been blessed with little eyebrow hair, though. What’s a person with thin eyebrows to do? Is it true smothering them in Vaseline will help them grow? 

According to Byrdie, Vaseline probably won’t do much to directly encourage hair growth. Vaseline will, however, help condition your eyebrows, and conditioning hair is “an important aspect of hair growth.”

While saturating your eyebrows with Vaseline won’t magically induce them to grow faster, the added moisture is, overall, a good thing for healthy eyebrow hairs. Vaseline will also help moisturize the skin around the eyebrows, so if it’s dry skin, or even a condition like eczema keeping your eyebrows from growing lush and strong, Vaseline might be beneficial.

Still, there are better ways of getting naturally defined brows. Adding more protein and healthy fats to your diet will promote hair growth. You can also try a hair growth supplement to help grow healthier eyebrows. A treatment called PRP Hair Growth may also help you grow thicker brows. This procedure works by injecting your own plasma into your skin to stimulate hair growth. 

If you stocked up on tubs of petroleum jelly hoping it would help your eyebrows grow, have no fear. There’s still a lot that you can do with Vaseline. The moisturizing formula is, of course, good for dry skin but it can also help tame frizzy hair, lift makeup stains from fabric, and even keep your razor blades from getting rusty. Vaseline might not be the holy grail of hair growth that we were hoping for, but it’s still got plenty of uses that make it worthy to be a staple in your bathroom cabinet. 

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