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Coffee Break

Wanted to share a quick update as we prepare for baby #2.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and our lives are rapidly about to change. We’re excited for Noelle to become a big sister, but know that comes with its own unique set of challenges. She understands there’s a baby coming and seems very excited, but I know the reality will be an adjustment. You’ve given me some wonderful advice for this big change, so we definitely feel better prepared.

An update on our dog, Jude. He has come off chemotherapy. While his bloodwork has been normal and he’s been eating/sleeping/smiling like usual, we made the decision with our vet this week to take him off any more medication that helps stop his cancer from spreading. It’s hit his lymph nodes and is enlarging, so we understand the medication is no longer working.

Nothing but snuggles for our big guy moving forward.

jude dog

It’s been a heavy few months. In addition to our world tragically losing hundreds of thousands to the pandemic, there’s also immense grief and sadness following the death of George Floyd, among others. This isn’t a news or lifestyle website; it’s a food blog and I know you come here for joyful recipes. But these Coffee Break posts are where I can share a piece of my life and heart. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and self education and want to share my heartfelt thoughts with you today. I shared some of this on Instagram, too.

We ALL Love to Bake.

You’re probably here because you love to bake. And isn’t it so beautiful that no matter what we look like, where we live, who we love, and what we do– that we are all united in this delicious hobby?

Sally’s Baking Addiction is a brand and business owned by me, a woman who has a strong commitment to inclusivity and practicing kindness. This is how I was raised. I’m also learning about ways to help disrupt the unjust cycle of racism in our world and country. I’m disappointed, ashamed, and sorry that I’ve never touched on anything like this before, but given the past couple of weeks we’ve seen, it would be wrong not to use my platform to share my thoughts. I stand with you, all of my Black followers and readers. I see you, I support you, I’m listening, I’m learning, and I thank you for being here. I’ve written and rewritten this post 100x this week because I don’t have the perfect words. I don’t know if what I’m saying is helpful or not helpful or seen as artificial. My hope is that my words and actions show my genuine intent. I’m committed to bettering myself both online and offline and am looking into concrete ways on how to make a change for both right now and future generations. I want to help be the change and I know many others here do as well.

  • Here is an extensive list (a google doc) of anti-racism resources. Books, films, organizations, podcasts, causes, articles, and so much more.
  • This video is beautiful, eye-opening, and powerful. Though there are many resources we can use to self-educate, Emmanuel gives his time and speaks so eloquently, yet directly, about how we can actively help. And that begins by listening.
  • If you have children, consider checking out Here We Read (thank you to a reader, Cathy, who shared this with me on Instagram). There is also The Conscious Kid book club. Here is their Instagram account. Available to us are many resources for how to teach children (of any age) about anti-racism. I’m looking forward to going through it when I take time off in a few weeks.

But no matter who you are, you’re here because you love food. Here are some wonderful food bloggers who have so much inspiring content. Some of these blogs/sites are new to me and I’m looking forward to supporting them in this business. Follow, comment, like, and engage with these talents. Their passion shows!!

And I know you love cookbooks. Cherry Bombe has an extensive list of Black authored cookbooks. I only own 2 of these! I’m looking forward to expanding my collection. I found Sweetie Pie’s Cookbook while searching yesterday, too. Do you have this one? The list on Cherry Bombe’s website also includes chefs, creatives, restaurants, and initiatives.

Thank you for giving me the space and courage to speak up.

PS: I’m taking time off after our baby is born. While you’ll continue to see Sally’s Baking Addiction in action on social media, in your inbox, and here on the website, the new recipes won’t be as frequent. I’ll be checking in periodically! Sally’s Baking Challenge will continue, of course. Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches this month.

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