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Coconut Oil For Natural Sunburn Relief

If you are prone to getting your skin burnt, you know how important it is to protect it on a regular basis with sunscreen. However, you may still get a sunburn even if you remembered to put on sunscreen, especially if you have fair skin.

Here is a way to use coconut oil as a natural sunburn relief.

Create a Natural Sunburn Balm

The first thing you can do with your coconut oil when using it for a natural sunburn relief is by making a balm. This is ideally going to use coconut oil, along with some essential oils that have a soothing effect. Lavender essential oil is really great for this purpose, but you can also try using chamomile as well. You want to combine the coconut oil with lavender essential oils, along with some aloe vera that comes straight from the plant. This is going to provide a lot of relief for your sunburn.

How to Use the Natural Sunburn Balm

When you have created your natural sunburn relief balm, you will then need to know how to use it. The consistency should be similar to regular sunscreen, though it might be a little bit thinner than what you are used to. It is important to keep two things in mind; you need to ensure you have rubbed it on all areas of skin that will be exposed to the sun, and you re-apply it on a regular basis. Since it is made of only natural ingredients, you shouldn’t need to wash your hands after applying it to your skin. That is one of the main benefits of making a natural sunburn relief balm instead of using regular sunscreen. It also smells great!

Other Tips For Using Coconut Oil

If you have a sunburn, keep in mind that you might want to mix your coconut oil with something else to dilute the strength. For example, you can combine the coconut oil with vitamin E oil, which helps to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, but can also moisturize your skin. This is great because there are so many added benefits, but it is also going to relieve your sunburn. If your sunburn is 2nd degree or higher, which will be bright red with blistering, you should consult a doctor before you put anything on it. The doctor might prefer you use aloe vera gel only.

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