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Beauticom 12-Piece Clear Empty Jars

As you experiment with different DIY recipes, especially coconut oil based beauty options, you will find the need to split up your batches and place them in jars for storage. You do have several options for this, but if you plan on selling your items or giving them as gifts, then you know only smaller jars will do. Though there are several options out there, the Beauticom 12-piece clear empty jar set, may be the ideal option to start off with.

How are the Beauticom 12-Piece Clear Empty Jars Different?

The key point to keep in mind about what sets the Beauticom 12-piece clear jars different is the fact they are not only BPA free they are food grade. This means that they are safe for any type of beauty mix you are creating and won’t leech anything into your mixes that could cause you harm. In other words, they are a safe form of plastic and a less expensive option to their glass counterparts. They are also resistant to breaking and warping which can cause issues with certain mixes if they are still warm when they are placed into the different jars.

How Can You Use the Beauticom 12-Piece Clear Empty Jars?

These jars can be used for beauty mixes and to separate and store those mixes or to give them as gifts. One of the biggest options you can use for this Beauticom jars is to make lip glosses, cheek stain, or small amounts of lotion. If you are making a spa set for a friend or as a gift, then these jars would also be ideal. They also allow you to try other oils without damaging a whole batch. For example, you can use the base of an oil, toothpaste, or other mix in each jar and add the oils to each jar. Allow the jars to set and then check them a day or so later. You can see if certain oils work well, if oils don’t taste or smell right, or which ones you prefer to work with and then go from there. They are also ideal for travel.

How do the Beauticom 12-Piece Clear Empty Jars Compare?

These jars compare well with others in their genre. They do offer a food grade rating which makes them stand out from others. It also makes them stand out as an option to buy instead of others that do not contain that food grade label.

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