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Anjou Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Organic

When you look for the right coconut oil for you, you may be concerned at the different types that are on the market. You have coconut oil in capsule form, in jars, in cooking sections, in pumps, and even in the beauty section in several different styles. You may be confused about what to buy, if you can use it for everything you want to use it for, or if there is something added to the oil that will not suit your needs. If this sounds like your situation, what you may be looking for is an all in one coconut oil that can fit all your needs in one jar. Anjou Coconut Organic Extra Virgin Oil may be what you are looking for.

What Makes Anjou Coconut Oil Different?

This oil, though it can be used for all aspects of your life, is primarily geared for your hair care routine. It is a coconut oil that is cold pressed and designed to be smooth and used straight from the jar and applied as a hair mask once a week or more to keep your hair shiny and moisturized. Another aspect that makes Anjou different is the fact that it can easily be used for most beauty DIY mixes. This means it can mix with other oils effectively and not separate or harden after the mix has set. You can also store it in most rooms of the home without worry of the coconut oil having any issues or losing its potency.

How to Use Anjou Coconut Oil?

The primary way that you can use the Anjou coconut oil is for deep conditioning of your hair and face. If you have dry and brittle hair, or if you have hair that is unmanageable, you can get rid of the vast majority of your hair care treatments and turn to this oil. Simply scoop the oil out and rub it in your hands to melt it slightly. Apply it to your hair from tips to root and allow it to set for at least one hair with a warm cap or towel over your hair. Rinse as you would with a conditioner or other hair mask treatment. You can do this once or more a week. You can also use it as a mask on your face. Scoop out the oil and rub it into your skin. Allow it to sit for several minutes to half an hour then wipe off with a warm cloth.

How Does Anjou Coconut Oil Stand Up to Competitors?

The Anjou coconut oil is does seem to have a smoother finish that most jar coconut oils. It is easy to scoop out and stores easily without feeling to malleable or liquid. It mixes with other oils easily and is ideal for making your own beauty treatments.

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