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7 Jelly Beauty Products We Are Obsessed With Right Now

Jelly beauty products are getting a lot of love from beauty enthusiasts and influencers from all over the world. If you have a rather long and detailed beauty regimen, a jelly sheet mask or plumping cream can only make things more fun.

But jelly beauty is not just all play and no work. It has been around for a while but got massive after K-beauty became all the rage. Jelly creams or masks are less greasy than cream or oil-based products and give you a far more enjoyable experience than gels. They are loaded with water, making them the perfect hydrating agents, and are lightweight, so skin absorbs them fast.

Jelly skin care is ideal for summer as it’s so refreshing and acts as a pick-me-up for your skin. But during winter, a jelly sheet mask or hydrating jelly can work wonders for your skin. Here are the best jelly beauty essentials out there.

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