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18 Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically Even if They’re Hiding It

A lot of wonderful relationships start as friendships. But how do you know? Learn these 18 signs a friend likes you romantically.

If you can see the signs a friend likes you romantically in your life, you may be able to turn that friendship into something much more without all the confusion.

Making the transition from friendship to relationship can be smooth, but often times it can cause strain and tension. Neither of you wants to ruin the friendship by sharing feelings and being rejected.

Do you want a friend to like you romantically?

When you suspect a friend likes you romantically, it is probably because you like them or because you are afraid of how to reject them while still maintaining your friendship.

So while you are trying to find the signs a friend likes you romantically, consider what you are going to about it once you figure it out.

Are you going to make a move? Are you going to tell them how you feel? Are you going to ask them about it? Or are you going to let them down easy?

I say, if you aren’t interested, sometimes it is better not to know. You can’t worry yourself about something that may not even exist. Focus on the friendship. That is your main priority with this friend. If something happens later on, deal with it then.

But if you are interested, you probably won’t be able to stop worrying and thinking about the signs a friend likes you romantically because you want them to. In this case, look for the signs, they can lead into your first move. [Read: The signs your friend is crushing on you]

The hush-hush signs a friend likes you romantically

So, you’ve got a crush on a friend. Or perhaps you think they have a crush on you. Either way, you want to know for sure so you can take the next step.

But how do you find out without making a fool of yourself?

#1 They make time for you. Sure, your platonic friends make time for you too, but a friend that likes you romantically will put more effort in. They offer to help you with things most friends wouldn’t. Even if it inconvenient for them, they will make the time to see you no matter what it involves. [Read: How to deal with sexual tension between friends]

#2 They try to impress you. A friend that likes you romantically will want to impress you. Whether that be with their jokes, their talent, or the effort they put into your friendship.

#3 They are protective of you. Friends are already protective, but when a friend likes you, even more, they will let you know. They will share their worry about who you date, how others treat you, and how you treat yourself. [Read: How to be friends with someone you like without losing your mind]

#4 They spend time alone with you. Friends often hang out in groups. I don’t need to tell you that. But, when a friend you normally see in a group wants to spend time with you alone, it may be because they like you romantically. It can be difficult to form a deeper connection or make a move when you’re around so many others.

#5 They flirt. Flirting is a clear sign that a friend likes you romantically. Sure, some friends flirt after a few drinks or because they are attracted to you, but not actually interested. You should be able to see the difference. A friend that likes you romantically will flirt with you regularly not just at convenient times. [Read: 15 ways to flirt and tease a friend without being weird]

#6 They get close physically. A friend trying to hint at their feelings for you may touch you more often than usual. Instead of just a hug hello or goodbye they might touch your thigh, sit closer, or touch your arm while talking. Even these small signs can mean something much bigger. [Read: 16 sexual signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

#7 They support you. Good friends support your choices and goals. A friend interested in you romantically will go out of their way. Not only will they congratulate you on a promotion, but they may throw a party for you or help you accomplish your goals however they can.

#8 They listen. And they really show that they listen. They do more than sit there and nod while you vent. You feel heard.

#9 They share more. Sure, friends share. There is a difference between that and sharing with someone you like romantically. They will open up to you because they trust you more and because they want you to trust them that same way.

#10 They are invested in your love life. They want to know it all. Even if it hurts to know you are seeing someone, they want to know where you are. Their romantic feelings don’t go away because you may be taken at the moment.

They want the updates not just so they know when they can act on their feelings, but because they need to know if you’re happy. [Read: The signs they like you as more than a friend]

#11 Other people notice the attention they give you. You are probably not the only one noticing this friend’s behavior. Mutual friends will see how they look at you and how they treat you differently. They are not usually as subtle as they think they are.

#12 They avoid their phone around you. When you are with someone you like romantically, you don’t let other things distract you. They will mute their phone or ignore it when it rings around you because they want to make the most of that time.

#13 You can feel their nerves. Not everyone is as in tune with this, but if you are, you will feel their nerves. People who have romantic feelings for you give off a vibe. Their behavior, even subtly, shows those feelings. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

#14 They reach out more often. A friend that likes you romantically wants not only your attention but also wants to give you theirs. They will reach out more to make plans or just to text or send you a funny meme.

#15 They want your family and friends to like them. This is a big one. I have plenty of friends that barely know my family, but if a friend likes you romantically they want to make a good impression on the people closest to you. Whether they think something will happen between you in the future or not, they want the people you care about to like them.

#16 They remember everything. When you like someone, you try not to let anything slip through the cracks. You pay attention. So when a friend likes you romantically they will remember even small things you said in passing.

Perhaps you mentioned your granddad used to race cars. Most people might not remember that detail, but a friend that likes you romantically will.

#17 They surprise you. You meet up and they surprise you with your favorite Starbucks drink or your favorite treat from the bakery around the corner. They may even cheer you up on off days or come over unannounced, hoping you’re free. [Read: Naughty ways to get yourself out of the friend zone permanently]

#18 They let it slip. And of course, one of the biggest signs a friend likes you romantically is they tell you. They may try to be subtle about it and want you to figure it out from clues and hints. Or they may just tell you. When someone likes you romantically, it is hard to hold those feelings back.

Eventually, they will want you to know so they can get an answer either way.

[Read: How to ask a friend out without risking the friendship]

If you are looking for signs a friend likes you romantically, you probably liked them back. Now that you know, you can do something about it. And if not, set the record straight.

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