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15 Sure Signs She’s Ready for a Relationship & Is Serious About You

You’ve casually dated for a while, and you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level. Do you see the signs she’s ready for a relationship too?

You may really like her and want something more, but you’re not the only one involved in the relationship. That’s right, what about her? Is she exhibiting the signs she’s ready for a relationship or are there red flags?

We’re only human. Naturally, we’re pretty selfish when it comes to love. We want to be with someone who makes us happy. Sure, there comes a time when we wonder about how the other person feels, but that’s only because we want them to like us.

At the end of the day, we’re really only concerned about ourselves. This creates some problems, especially in a relationship.

15 signs she’s ready for a relationship with you

You may be ready, but if she’s not ready then your relationship won’t last. Both people need to be equally ready and committed to it. Before you even ask her if she wants to be serious with you, she should figure out if she actually wants more. [Read: Is she serious or just playing with your heart?]

Waiting for an answer can be hard, and that’s why you need to be looking at the signs she’s ready for a relationship. This helps you get a better picture of what she wants and whether or not you should invest more of your time and energy into her.

So, let’s get started and see what the signs she’s ready for a relationship are. It would be good to know, right?

#1 She tells you. If she’s told you she’s ready for a relationship and wants to be with you, what are you waiting for? You can’t get a bigger and better sign than this one. If she tells you, then she’s giving you the green light and telling you she really likes you. This is good news! [Read: How to ask her to be your girlfriend]

#2 She taps into your emotions. Now, I know even though men are emotional, they’re not very expressive. This is normal. Of course, work on this, but she’s always trying her best to tap into your emotions.

When you’re upset, she focuses on figuring out what’s wrong and what she can do to make you feel better. And when she’s jealous, well, she makes sure you know. [Read: How to confess your love to a girl and not get rejected]

#3 She talks about her past relationships. Past relationships can be quite traumatic and many people would rather relegate these memories to the back of their minds. If she’s willing to bring these memories up, she wants to be vulnerable with you. This is a sign of trust, but she’s also showing you how she doesn’t want to be treated.

#4 She wants to meet your family. Now, we both know that meeting the parents is no small move. If she’s excited and interested in meeting your family, that’s a great sign. She wants to know where you’re coming from and who your closest people are. Why? Because she wants to know if she’ll fit in the picture.

#5 She invites you to meet her family. Whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner, she made sure you’re invited to the family event. This is a big move. Make sure you’re ready! She wants to show you off to her family and see if they approve of you before taking the next step. [Read: Meeting your girlfriend’s parents – 21 big dos and don’ts]

#6 She tells you she’s scared. She’s scared to be in a relationship and she’s not the only girl who has fears. If she’s had a rough dating past, the last thing she wants is to be heartbroken again. By telling you she’s worried, she lets you know that she wants to move forward but needs that extra push.

#7 She spends her extra time with you. Nowadays, we’re all busy. Whether school or work, no one has much spare time anymore, but when she does have free time, she usually spends it with you. It’s clear she makes you a priority. If you’re spending Friday and Saturday nights with someone, you probably like them.

#8 She’s touchy. This doesn’t mean you should be overly touchy back, but this does mean she’s interested in you. In general, we don’t touch people we don’t like. If she touches you on the arm while laughing, fixes your shirt or hair, these small gestures mean something. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away when she likes you]

#9 She discusses the future. No girl will discuss the future unless she sees a future. If she’s making plans with you months in advance, well, she pictures you being in her life. This is a really good sign as she already envisions you as someone important and special.

#10 She remembers the small things. You mentioned your favorite band or artist months ago, and she remembered for your birthday. See, these small details are important. If you don’t like someone, you easily forget these details. If you are genuinely interested, these are the details you use to make them happy.

#11 She got rid of her dating app. Well, this is a big one. If she deleted her dating app, she’s not joking around. Deleting a dating app is basically showing she’s not interested in anyone else. She doesn’t want to hunt for another date, she found someone who could potentially make her happy. Hint: that’s you.

#12 She’s honest with you. When you ask her a question, she tells you her honest opinion. No lies, because she wants you to trust her. When a girl is open and honest with you, she values and trusts you as a person. Not many men get this side of her. [Read: What a woman is really telling you when she pulls away]

#13 She listens. When it comes to relationships, most of the time we’re talking to ourselves and not really listening to each other. When you really like someone, you focus on what they have to say because you respect their opinion.

#14 She really looks at you. She doesn’t look at you the way she looks at other guys. When she looks at you, she looks directly in your eyes and maintains eye contact. This gesture is usually underrated; however, most communication is non-verbal. Which means eye contact is essential for understanding the feelings of someone else. [Read: How to make your girlfriend feel loved with meaningful questions]

#15 She teases you. She’s not being mean, but she loves to tease you. This is a common sign that she’s interested in being with you. Teasing is a form of flirting, and we all know when someone is flirting it’s because they like the other person. She may also be teasing you to try to hide her feelings.

[Read: The 15 signs your girl is head over heels for you]

Knowing the signs she’s ready for a relationship or not will definitely relieve your second thoughts. It’s always good to know how your partner is feeling.

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