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15 Fun & Romantic Things to Do as a Couple that are Budget-Friendly

Does a date with your partner mean watching Netflix on the couch while eating popcorn? There are better things to do as a couple that will build romance.

Listen, Netflix has been a game changer on the things to do as a couple front. Sure, you could go grab dinner and a movie out, but why? Now, there’s delivery and an endless selection of films you’ve probably seen already. What’s not to love?

But listen, even though it sounds appealing *I get it, staying home and saving money is always appealing* there are other things you can be doing with your partner. Does this mean you need to dish out $$ every time you step outside? No.

I know people are tight with budgets. Aren’t we all? But this doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself inside your home with your partner. All this means is that you need to get creative. [Read: Creatively cheap and low cost date ideas]

Things to do as a couple

My partner and I have been together for a year. Trust me, we’ve burned through our wallets. In the beginning, we wanted to do it all—eat out, movies, parties—you know, living the high life. Naturally, that comes with a price. Now that winter has rolled around, our bank accounts are at an all-time low.

But we still need to entertain ourselves and enjoy our time together, right? So, from one couple to another, I’m about to help figure out things to do as a couple, because trust me, Netflix can only take you so far.

It’s time to get off of the couch and find things to do as a couple.

#1 Rent bikes. Even if it’s in your own city, rent some bikes and tour around. You’ll probably be given a map of the city so you can explore. Who knows, maybe you will come across things that even you never saw before. This is about exploring together and bringing back the curiosity. [Read: Boredom cures to fix your love life forever]

#2 Eat dinner together. No, this doesn’t mean with the television on. I’m talking about eating at the table like an actual couple. Many people don’t have the time to sit down and eat with their partner, but I’m telling you, if you make time, you won’t regret it.

You can eat at home or even go out if you want to, but you’ll notice a huge difference in the way you communicate if you do this.

#3 Watch the stars. Oh come on, haven’t you seen any chick flicks? It’s all about stargazing. Grab yourself a cozy blanket, bring some warm hot chocolate with cookies, and relax under the stars. It’s incredibly romantic and is there anything more beautiful than laying under a sky of sparkling stars? [Read: How to be romantic and sweep your girlfriend off her feet]

#4 Go for a walk. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, this is a lame idea. But trust me on this one, it’s a great idea. First of all, it’s walking. You can literally walk anywhere. Go to the city center and walk around, explore nature, walk down the beach.

There are tons of things to see by foot. But the best part of this is the conversations you can have with your partner. There are no distractions, it’s just you and them enjoying the scenery and reconnecting.

#5 Go to a show. It could be a random show where you both don’t know the band or one of your favorite bands. The point is that people who go to shows are happier. It’s doesn’t have to be a huge, star dazzling show, it could even be a small performance at a coffee shop. It’s music, and music always brings people together. 

#6 Do a random road trip. You don’t need to know where you’re going. Just pack up some essentials and hit the road. You can pitch a tent or even sleep in the back of your car. Neither of you need to plan ahead or even know where you’re going. The point is that you are on a spontaneous adventure. [Read: 25 really romantic things ideas to make your lover melt]

#7 Breakfast in bed. Just make sure it’s something that won’t create too many crumbs. But breakfast in bed is an extremely sweet occasion for a couple. I mean, it’s breakfast in your most favorite place in the world. Plus, dinners are overrated. Eat breakfast in bed, watch your favorite morning shows, and enjoy a lazy morning.

#8 Try a new hobby. It should be something that you both haven’t tried before. Plus, it’s fairer than doing your partner’s hobbies and vice versa. It could be knitting, scuba diving, fencing, whatever you want it to be. The great part is you don’t have to offend each other if you don’t like it.[Read: Do these fun things to create lasting memories]

#9 Grab a paddle! Listen, canoeing is the same as traveling. It tests the relationship big time. It’s all about being in sync with one another without wishing that your partner accidentally falls in.

So, if you’re not sure about your relationship or need a reality check on your communication skills while enjoying a nice day out, try canoeing. I just can’t guarantee it’ll end with smiles. [Read: Why traveling is one of the best tests of compatibility]

#10 Dance. You may not want to wait until the late night in order to hit the club to dance. Plus, the clubs are not relaxing and intimate environments for you and your partner. So, why not try dance classes? If you aren’t coordinated, it’s going to be a funny experience to share together. And if you have talented toes, well, who knows, maybe you’ll join a competition at the end.

#11 Bake together. Well, why pay all those extra dollars on a piece of cake when you can just make one yourself? Okay, this is a great idea if you’re on a budget, but let’s be honest, baking together is super cute. It’s you showing off your teamwork while also getting to eat your baked goods. A true win-win for everyone.

#12 It’s puzzle time. You could do a game night but sometimes you’re just not into doing board games, sometimes you just want something relaxed and quiet. Well, puzzles are great for these moments. They put your brain to the test, it’s not a competition, and you can enjoy it over any alcoholic beverage of your choice.

#13 Couples massages anyone? No, I don’t mean that you should massage each other. I mean, you can, but we all know that someone is going to give a crappy massage. When it comes to massages, they need to be equally given and received.

This is where couples massages come into play. This is a great way to spend the afternoon if you have some extra dollars to spend *unlike myself*. It’s romantic, it’s relaxing, and it’ll relieve any kinks that you had in your back.

#14 Go wine tasting. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to spend big bucks on a weekend wine tasting extravaganza. You can spend one day getting tipsy off of some red wine, buying a bottle, and bringing it home to continue the fun. Vineyards are romantic. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy drinking a glass… or two of wine? [Read: Fun things to do as a couple to get out of the relationship routine]

#15 Make a fort. No matter how old you are, forts open up your imagination and make you feel cozy. So why not make one with your partner? Build a fort in your bedroom or living room, get all the blanket and pillows you can find to make your own little getaway. It’s romantic, it’s intimate, and it’s a little piece of heaven in your own home.

[Read: 15 of the sweetest date ideas to try with your boo]

As a couple, it can be easy to get in a routine and lose the passion you once had. This just means you need to put a little effort into it as there are plenty of romantic things to do as a couple.

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