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13 Sigma Male Traits That Set Them Apart from the Alpha & the Beta

You’ve met many men throughout your life. But can you tell a sigma male from a beta male? Here is everything you need to know about sigma male traits.

As a society, we like to label and categorize everything, including our women and men. The odds are you haven’t heard of sigma male traits before, yet you’ve heard of alpha and beta males. Now, there are some characteristics we make quick judgments on.

For example, the alpha male is stereotyped as an extroverted and arrogant person, while the beta males are considered shy and introverted. Of course, since these are stereotypes, you know those generalizations aren’t necessarily true. Meeting one alpha male who’s arrogant and loud, doesn’t mean they’re all like that.

13 sigma male traits that define this unique breed of men

But what about sigma males? Though you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever met one before’, you probably have. The sigma male isn’t a guy who’s trying to peacock his way through life, and he’s not the guy who’s going to be pushed around either.

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In other words, the sigma male is the guy who does his own thing without trying to stand out among the rest. This also means sigma males aren’t easy to identify. Alpha and beta males fall on each side of the spectrum, where sigma males float in between them.

Who are these mystery men with sigma male traits?

#1 They know what they want. Sigma men have a very strong idea of who they are and what they want in life. They have strong relationships around them and are independent in thought and action. They know what they want, and they don’t need to have their hands held while reaching their goals.

#2 They’re not “the nice guys.” When you go through the sigma male traits, you may start to think they’re the nice guys, the ones who play by the rules. But that’s far from reality. A sigma male is somewhat of a bad boy in the sense that if they don’t feel that something is wrong, they’ll do it whether the law says the opposite or not. [Read: Why good girls like bad boys – the truth uncovered]

#3 They enjoy living in the present. Everyone knows life is short, but not everyone uses their time on this earth to live in the moment. For a sigma male, he does his best to enjoy the present, and when it comes to the past, he neither wants to discuss it nor relive it. The past is in the past for the sigma male.

#4 They do their own thing. When everyone is going right, they go left. A sigma male enjoys living his life to the best of his own drum. They don’t need to call a friend when going out somewhere or need approval from their mom about what they want to wear. They do their own thing. [Read: Why the “nice guy” isn’t really such a nice guy] 

#5 They get attention without trying. The thing about sigma males is that they’re not trying to gain the crowd’s attention by acting loudly or doing something crazy. They’re not attention seekers. And this is actually alluring for women and ends up naturally attracting attention towards them.

#6 They share many alpha male qualities. Here’s the thing, the sigma male isn’t that far off from the alpha male. So many characteristics shown in alpha males are also seen in sigma males. So, how do you tell the difference? That’s a tough question.

A sigma male is someone, though who has alpha male qualities, doesn’t feel the need to show them off for attention. Also, if they don’t take leadership roles, though they had opportunities, they’re probably sigma males. [Read: 30 most common alpha males that make you a real alpha]

#7 They think deep. This is also one of the main reasons why they have problems connecting with people. Sigma males are extremely analytical and overthinkers. This doesn’t come from having a lack of intelligence. Rather, it’s the opposite. They’re deep thinkers and highly intelligent people. 

#8 They’re confident. A sigma male doesn’t share the same confidence as an alpha male. An alpha male is a dominant extrovert and needs the approval of other people. While the sigma male is a dominant introvert. He doesn’t need to be loud to show his confidence. This confidence comes from a genuine sense of self-worth. [Read: The subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

#9 They live in their heads. Now don’t take this as a bad thing. A sigma man knows who he is very well. He spends a lot of time self-reflecting and observing the world around him. His decisions are well-planned, and since he lives in his head, he overthinks everything. Of course, living in your head has its pros and cons.

#10 They don’t like giving into social expectations. A sigma male doesn’t like it when people try to impose their thoughts and opinion onto their lifestyle. They know what they want, and if it doesn’t fit into the social norms, that’s fine. Though they respect the way other people live, they have their own path in life to follow.

#11 They learn from their failures. Because the sigma male is constantly self-reflecting and overthinking, when they do make a mistake *and it does happen*, they learn from their failures. They may make the same mistake twice, but they’ll never make it a third time. Even if they need to do something that will momentarily hurt them but benefit them in the long run, they’ll do it. 

#12 They can be loners. Since sigma males don’t need validation from other people, they may not have a lot of friends. On the other hand, they could have a lot of friends since people are attracted to those who have self-worth and confidence. But he’s not going to waste his time with people he doesn’t connect with. So, he very well could be a loner. [Read: 12 things to look for in a guy before you date him]

#13 They’re not the biggest talkers. This doesn’t mean they’re living a life of solitude. Sigma males are not alphas. In other words, they’re not going to be huge talkers. So, your first impression of them may not be the best. They’re not going to use empty words to keep a conversation going or give you false compliments.

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Hopefully, this helped you answer those questions about the sigma male traits. Who’s that guy?

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