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12 Very Real Signs You’re in Love with Her And Don’t Realize It

By knowing these 12 signs you’re in love with her, you can be sure of how you feel. Then, it’s time to do something about it.

Lots of people say that when you know, you know. When love strikes you, it is an indescribable feeling and you just know. But, that is not always the case. Sometimes you need a message with all the signs you’re in love with her written across the sky.

Sometimes it takes a grand gesture or even losing someone to know for sure. Other times all it takes is a bit of self-discovery.

Are you avoiding the signs you’re in love with her?

Sometimes we are even in denial about our feelings. You may very well be in love with her, but for some reason or another, you don’t want to admit it.

Maybe you’re afraid of rejection. Maybe you are not ready to be vulnerable. Maybe you are scared she isn’t ready to hear those words or she’ll get spooked.

There are tons of reasons why fear prevents us from figuring out how we truly feel. But, if you truly want to know, learn the signs you’re in love with her. Once you do, you can finally do something about it. [Read: 25 clearest signs to know if you truly love her too]

The 12 clearest signs you’re in love with her even if you don’t realize it

Whether you’re scared to admit it or just aren’t sure, figure out if you’re in love with her. Maybe you’ve never been in love before and aren’t sure how it feels. Whatever your reason, look for these signs you’re in love with her and then you’ll know for sure.

#1 You can’t wait to tell her good news. Before you’re in love, you may run to your BFF or your mom or brother with good news. Maybe you got a promotion or scored tickets to a concert.

Whatever it is, you now want to tell her right away. She is the first person you call to share good news, or really any news. [Read: 23 facts about love that will definitely blow your mind]

#2 You want her to meet your family. If you are close with your family, you only want to introduce them to someone you think is really special. And when you get the urge to introduce her to them, there is a reason for it.

Even if you can’t put it into words, there is a reason you want her to get to know your family and vice versa. And that reason is love.

#3 You feel euphoria. Love gives you a feeling that is equivalent to a high. You can feel like you’re on drugs when you’re in love. If you notice yourself feeling sort of light and airy, you can’t quite place your finger on why, you may very well be in love with her.

A sign of love is having an indescribable sensation. You may not notice it at first, but think about it and it may come to light. [Read: What is dopamine? The dopest pleasure pill lives inside you]

#4 You’re more open. Being in love lets you see things from her point of view. You want to understand her and what she cares about and how she is the way she is.

A sign you’re in love with her is openness to her way of thinking. Whether you try a new show she recommended, tasted a weird food she likes, or even considered her stance on something like politics or religion, there is a good chance love is in the air.

#5 Other people notice your glow. One of the first signs you’re in love with her is when your friends and family notice something about you. A person in love gives off a positive vibe. You smile more, you’re in a better mood, and a little more distracted than usual.

But if your friends and family always wonder why you’re so happy or smiling all the time, you may be in love. Yay!

#6 You care how she feels. When you like a girl, you worry about how her feelings will affect you. You wonder if she will get mad at you or nag you. But, when you’re in love with her, you care about how she feels not for your benefit, but for hers.

You genuinely care if she is upset and want to make her happy. You aren’t just worried about cheering her up, but let her talk about it and want to be with her no matter her mood. [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for]

#7 You’re less selfish. When dating someone you just sort of like, you might cancel plans or feel sort of blah about seeing them, but when you’re in love with her, you are excited. You don’t just show up early, but you bring flowers.

You go out of your way for her. Even if things are less convenient for you, you do them for her.

#8 You think about her when she isn’t there. A lot of people compartmentalize their lives. They have a work group, their family, their friends, and their partner. But, when you are at work or with family and find yourself thinking about her or wondering what she’s doing, it could be love.

Love is a strong enough feeling to break through big work meetings, sleep, and even eating. If you think about her when she isn’t there, you are probably in love. [Read: 13 signs you’re emotionally attached and falling hard for someone]

#9 Everything reminds you of her. One of the signs you’re in love with her is seeing her everywhere. You think you saw her at the hardware store. You see a dog that sort of looks like hers and think of her.

Whether a commercial, song on the radio, or something a friend said, everything reminds you of her. Why would you constantly think about her unless it was love?

#10 You want to talk about her. This has always been a clear sign of love for me. When I know I’m in love, it is because I feel the need to bring up this person in every conversation. If someone is talking about a vacation they took, I must share how this person took a vacation last summer.

If someone talks about a new restaurant, you mention that this girl went to a new restaurant and said it was great. Whether or not what you have to say really contributes or adds to the conversation, you just need to say it.

#11 You think about the future with her. When you are showing signs you’re in love with her, you think about where you might be in a few months. Will she move in with you? Should you buy tickets for a show next year?

Can you picture having kids together or what it might be like to have her be a part of your family? You don’t think about the potential of a future together unless the feelings are real.

#12 You’re scared. And finally, the one we are all aware of: fear. When you date someone you don’t like too much, you feel pretty fine about it. You aren’t worried about getting your heart broken or ring rejected because you aren’t that invested.

But, when you are in love with her, you are terrified of losing her. Admitting how you feel terrifies you, because she may not feel the same way back. You fear being hurt because you are in love and that hurts the most. [Read: How to beat the debilitating, awful fear of rejection]

How to tell her you’re in love with her

Now that you know whether or not you’re in love with her, it is time to do something about it. You do not just want to sit on those feelings.

If you know you are in love with her, what are you waiting for? Tell her. Stop playing games. Don’t wait for her to say it first. [Read: How to tell a girl you love her without losing her]

Also, don’t text it or say it over the phone. You don’t have to plan a romantic date or make a huge gesture. I mean, that wouldn’t hurt, but it isn’t necessary. Just sharing how you feel, being that open and vulnerable, and taking that risk is grand enough.

[Read: 18 foolproof steps that are guaranteed to make any girl fall in love with you]

Hopefully, you have spotted the signs you’re in love with her and are on your way to tell her now.

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