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12 Strongest Signs of Mutual Attraction between a Man and a Woman

When boy meets girl and spend time with each other, there will always be one question running at the back of their heads: is there mutual attraction?

It is easy to be attracted to a person with whom we share similar interests, ideas, and personality. However, getting to know if that person feels the same way can be difficult. It makes people overthink and creates awkward moments when one starts to have expectations of mutual attraction.

Signs of mutual attraction between a man and a woman

There is a way to tell if there’s mutual attraction between a man and a woman. From the time they spend together, mutual attraction can be seen from specific behaviors and gestures they display when they spend time together.

#1 They pay close attention to the other. Two people who share mutual attraction are highly attentive to what the other does or say. Nothing misses their close observation, not a new dress or haircut. When you like a person, you make effort in noting every little detail about them. [Read: The hush hush signs someone has a big crush on you]

#2 They remember even the most minor details. Aside from paying close attention, people also tend to easily remember the small details about the person they’re attracted to.

Two people attracted to each other easily recall what the other wore, the place where they met, and even details about the conversations they had. [Read: 10 super-subtle gestures that reveal if someone’s into you]

#3 Prolonged periods of eye contact. People are very particular about eye contact. Long periods of eye contact are considered creepy when coming from a stranger. But if it happens between people with mutual attraction, it can be considered pleasant and addictive. Sharing long periods of eye contact is in fact a sign of familiarity and a mutual liking of the other.

#4 Close physical proximity. Similar to eye contact, people tend to maintain a certain amount of personal space breeched only by the people closest to them. Aside from close friends or family, people also allow themselves to be in close proximity to the person they are attracted to. As a result, we tend to be quite comfortable walking close by or sitting next to the person we like. [Read: What does sexual attraction feel like – How to know exactly]

#5 They are comfortable on the other’s touch. The frequency and type of touches shared by two people is also a way to determine if they are mutually attracted to each other.

When someone touches a person or allow themselves to receive physical contact, it is a sure sign that they are comfortable and derive pleasure on the physical contact they receive from that person. Whether accidental or intentional, attraction is apparent if both welcome giving and receiving touches from the other person.

#6 They dress up and keep a careful appearance. People would agree that they make an effort in looking good when about to meet a person they like. By fixing our appearance and dressing up, we impress them. We make ourselves look more desirable in their eyes. This is especially true if the person is not really particular with their overall appearance or interested in dressing up. [Read: How to read the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually]

#7 They pry and ask about the other. When we like someone, we become interested in their personal life. We take mental notes of the things they reveal in conversations. And we ask questions from the people who know them or even stalk their social media.

When there is attraction, we are easily drawn to know more about the person. We show curiousity about information surrounding their thoughts, preferences, and interests.

#8 Lots of suggestive teasing. People who share a mutual attraction eventually develop their unique way of communication. There’s the inside jokes, the knowing looks, body language, and playful interactions such as teasing.

In casual circumstances, people won’t tease another person because it is a sign of familiarity and may be taken as offensive. But with people attracted to each other, they are comfortable and find enjoyment in teasing each other a lot. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

#9 They miss each other a lot. It can be quite obvious that mutual attraction will make a person want to be with the person they like quite a lot. For them, everything is so much better if they’re spending time together that even normally boring activities would seem so fun to do. With that, there’s the pain of parting at the end of the day and the excitement for the next time they’ll be together again.

#10 They are comfortable in silence. As mentioned, every activity will seem enjoyable as long as they are in the company of the person they like. Whereas normal people might get awkward and uncomfortable with silence, mutually attracted people will not mind just sitting together without exchanging words.

#11 Getting nervous when the other is around. Mutual attraction isn’t just shown through positive changes in a person’s mood or behavior. Sometimes, it shows as discomfort and nervousness. We easily recall how our voice broke or the way we felt flustered and jittery when our crush in high school sat beside us.

Nervousness around them is a sign you’re worried about making a fool out of yourself. [Read: How to slowly build sexual tension until it gets out of control!]

#12 Their presence makes you smile. The most obvious sign of mutual attraction is the silly smiles painted on their faces when around each other. People obviously look forward to the time they’re going to spend with the person they like. Even the unluckiest and most stressful day automatically turns into a sunny holiday.

When two people are attracted to each other, their mere presence is a sufficient trigger for a smile. The most ridiculous jokes and antics gets converted into their favorite comedy sketch.

[Read: How to tell if the sexual tension you’re feeling is completely mutual]

Mutual attraction can be confirmed by specific behaviors, actions, and gestures that people do in the presence of the person they like.

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