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What’s the best nail shape for your fingers?

If you have short nails, square-shaped is a perfect pick and tells the world your taste is classic and understated (via InStyle). Women with long, slender fingers and long, narrow nail beds look lovely with square nails. Bonus: You can easily keep up this look at home.

Round is another timeless and easy-to-maintain nail shape that won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Rounded nails help the fingers appear longer, making this a good choice for anyone with shorter, wider digits. But anyone can pull off rounded nails and this shape looks amazing with almost any nail polish hue.

Sophisticated ladies choose oval-shaped nails, which will elongate the fingers. Slim down wider fingers with this delicately rounded shape that requires somewhat longer nails to pull off. Pair oval-shaped nails with trendy polish if you dare.

Almond-shaped nails are similar to oval, but sharper. Still, you can actually use your fingers when you go with this on-trend mani style, unlike pointy stiletto-shaped nails, according to Cosmopolitan. Long and thin nail beds work well with almond, as do longer nails.

By far the most daring nail shape of the bunch, ballerina is a hybrid of almond and square due to its elongated shape and blunt edge. This look does well for fingers with narrow nail beds. You’ll need both strong nails and a strong sense of style to pull off this look. Pair the shape with bold polish, and wow. Look at you!

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