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What your nail polish color reveals about you

Much to neutral nail fans’ chagrin, neon nails steamrolled right over the barely-there trend. “That’s right, folks: It appears that nude is out and neon is in this summer,” Allure reported in July 2019. Neon colors may have usurped your favorite taupes in 2019, but these two color families attract two very different personalities. 

While neon nails are perfect for people who want to stand out, nude nails, on the other hand (pun totally intended), are chosen by people with decidedly “unfussy” personalities, according to Michelle Saunders, Essie’s celebrity manicurist. This type of manicure can be seen as “low-maintenance,” the expert told Cosmopolitan.

Although choosing a nude nail polish color seems like it would be easier than picking out a neon shade, the process is, well, kind of high maintenance. Adeline Sarino, national director for nails at Red Door Spa, told Today that it’s important to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Doing so will work with — not against — your complexion.

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