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What you don’t know about Chloe Morello

Being a YouTube sensation is hard work. It’s easy to view people who get famous on YouTube as accidental celebrities making easy money from the comfort of their home, but creating the kind of high-quality video tutorials Morello makes takes a lot of effort. Morello has a filming studio set up in her living room, which is where she films most of her videos. “It takes me at least four hours to set up and film a makeup look,” she told Beauty Haven. “Then it takes another four hours to edit on my MacBook. It’s a long and tedious process. I absolutely hate editing!”

On top of filming, editing, and releasing a couple of videos each week, Morello also spends a lot of time responding to emails, maintaining her social media accounts, and making public appearances. Being a YouTube celebrity is a full time job, and one that keeps Morello on her feet!

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