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what makes you happy

What Makes You Happy?

As you look over your life, do you ask yourself what makes you happy? We often spend a lot of our day “in the pursuit of happiness,” but do we ever find it or are we on a fruitless road to nowhere when we seek to find it?

Some people try to find money in wealth, others in possessions. Some seek their happiness in their husband or wife or their children. Every day, women around the world go in search of happiness by indulging in “retail therapy. For others, that decadent box of chocolates represents happiness. Men might be smiling at those images, yet how many men have to have their night out with the boys or their weekend golf game.

We probably all smile at thinking of the times when we have told others of the things that have made us happy, yet inside we all know that most of the time, anything we do to try to achieve happiness is going to be momentary. People will let us down, chocolate will make us fat and possessions just never seem enough.

We won’t find happiness if we look for it outside our own self. We will never be content unless we first find contentment within ourselves and the world we live in each day. Here are some thoughts that will help you discover how to be content and achieve happiness.

What Makes One Happy?

what makes you happy

Don’t spend money to find happiness.
You will never be happy if you think money can buy happiness, or that happiness lies in possessions. It just leads to discontentment

Don’t worry about the future
Your happiness is available to you today. Many people live in the hope that tomorrow they will be happy. Expect happiness can be yours today.

Find your happiness in believing
For many people, this belief is in God or a supreme being, but for others it’s found in believing in something. Life without belief is a life without hope.

Look at others who are in a worse situation than you and be thankful for what you have.
Contentment and gratitude are the easiest paths to inner happiness.

You need to want to be happy.
Someone wisely said once “He is not happy who does not want to be happy”

Help Others…
Their pleasure and appreciation will increase your own happiness

In addition, be happy… True happiness lies in those three small words.

Being happy is a choice. not a pursuit!

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