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What happens to your body as it ages

When you were little, you learned about your five senses and all the ways they help you take in information about your surroundings. What you probably didn’t learn, however, is that these senses dull as you age.

Mediline Plus explained that, as your body grows older, your ability to hear and differentiate sounds decreases. You may not be able to tune out background noise or your balance may even become a bit off. This is all due to the decline of the functions of your inner-ear structures. Similarly, eye structures change with old age. Your corneas become less sensitive, your pupils get smaller, and your eyes sink further back into their sockets — eek. Naturally, your vision also declines. 

As you get older, your taste buds will also shrink and your sense of smell will start going away — especially after the age of 70. Your final sense, touch, is an important one as it helps you recognize pain, hot and cold temperatures, and pressure. As you age, though, these sensations seem weaker because of decreased blood flow to your spinal cord, nerve endings, or brain.

There are ways to counteract failing senses, but talk to your doctor first.

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