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Want to Master the Perfect Cat Eye? You Need These Foolproof Liners

It’s likely that the first makeup product you set your eyes on as a teen (or child) was eyeliner. There’s something intriguing about lining your eyes to appear bigger, bolder, darker and more appealing. But let’s be honest, lining your eyes might be the most challenging part of your makeup routine.

Once you master a basic liner look, more advanced options like cat eyes and graphic lines seem to be pro-level and nearly impossible. For tips on how to achieve the perfect winged liner look, we went straight to the expert: L’Oréal Paris celebrity makeup artist Sir John, who flawlessly beautifies the faces of celebs like Beyoncé, Ashley Benson and Ashley Graham. “Creating a cat eye is all about precision and taking your time,” John says. “A pro tip I use on my clients is to deposit the product to the end of the eye, then take your finger and pull the liner out before it dries.” John also has a stash of cotton swabs in his makeup bag to swipe away any imperfections.

If you’re trying to create this look at home, we rounded up a few foolproof eyeliner picks to help you perfect a cat eye, even if you’re a makeup rookie.

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