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Things every woman should avoid when washing her hair

Guetersloh told me that “98 percent of people do not need to shampoo every day. Some people say if they go more than a day, it gets too greasy. But, most of the time, we caused that problem.” She explained washing your hair too often can cause multiple issues. “Over cleansing causes the scalp to amp up oil production to replace what is being stripped. When we stop shampooing so often, the body balances and you can go more days between shampoo. Less time for you and better for your hair. I tell most clients with this problem to start shampooing every other day and use dry shampoo on the day in between.”

But she noted that results take time. “In two to three months, they should notice their hair is less oily. Only once has this not been the case and it is because there is an overproduction of oil genetically passed throughout their family. This is the exception, definitely not the rule.”

According to Dr. Schlessinger, shampooing too often can have other repercussions as well. “If you have a sensitive scalp, shampooing too much can make this irritation worse because it strips the scalp of its natural oils and gives the scalp a dry, tight, and uncomfortable feeling. Generally, once daily is fine, but if you find shampooing every day is a little bit too much, try shampooing every other day instead.”

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