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The truth about the colorblock eyeshadow trend

It’s almost impossible to name a makeup product that can provide a bigger burst of color than eyeshadow. Besides, there are far too many palettes and shades available to not try your hand at a creative look or two. Lately, embracing the power of brilliant hues is the colorblock eyeshadow trend, a graphic look that’s currently taking over social feeds and runways. Broken down step-by-step in a recent PopSugar article, this geometric trend is truthfully a lot easier to achieve than you might have initially thought. While the clean lines and ombré iridescent color seem expert-level at first glance, all it takes a is a little concealer to help you properly stay in the lines.

“Starting from the outer corner of my eye, I used short strokes to line the concealer up toward my brow bone and across my lid, down to my tear duct,” the author explained. This simple step will allow you to get that sharp rectangular outline. Once you’ve done this, you can start with a dark shade on your outer edges and blend inward. Then, do the same with a light color in the corner of your eye and blend to the middle. Or, simply choose one color if you’d prefer to keep things straightforward. If any eyeshadow does end up where it’s not supposed to, you easily clean it up with a cotton swab. Before you know it, you’ll be able to consider yourself a pro at this statement look.

Colorblock eyeshadow has actually been around for a few years

With fall just around the corner, it’s no surprise that makeup wearers are turning to more deep and dramatic eyeshadow looks. Earlier in spring and summer, neons and watercolor-inspired palettes were the hottest picks, but with fall on its way, things are changing. In fact, every time the season rolls around, saturated trends like smoky eyes and dark red lips always return as autumnal favorites. But if you’re looking spice up the shades you usual dust across your lids, what better way than through an edgy geometric shape?

Though colorblock eyeshadow is in the midst of a popularity spike, it admittedly has received some love in years past, too. Several models at Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2019 runway had their eyeshadow squared off, and according to Vogue, a version of this look with softer edges appeared on models way back during Dior’s Fall 2015 show. It’s not just fashion’s biggest names either, as makeup artists and influencers on Instagram are also enjoying this fresh take — just have a peek at the hashtag #colorblockmakeup and you’ll get all the inspiration you need.

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