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The secret to crimping your hair with a straightener

Next, give each braid a comprehensive spray down with your favorite hair spray. Then it’s the straightener’s time to shine. Start near the root of each braid and slowly move down the length of each bundle of hair. If you are feeling extra ambitious you can go around twice. Once your hair has fully cooled off, it’s time for the unveiling. Carefully unbraid all of your hard work to see the fruits of your labor (via Beauty Hair Guide).

If you are feeling a little less dedicated but still want a version of the crimped look, you can try an even easier version. All you need to do is prep your hair for the heat and then guide your flat iron down sections of your hair while flicking your wrist back and forth about every inch. For the most crisp and consistent lines, make your iron extra hot and keep your pressure persistent. For a more loose and subtle look, increase the space between each crimp (via Her Campus).

Next time you want to bring a bit of nostalgia into your hairdo without investing in a crimper, try one of these simple methods with your straightener. It’s an instant time machine back to the ’90s.

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