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The Overweight Mind By Jay Nixon – Book Review

Advancement in technology and the ease to access anything anywhere has made us lazy. We are getting richer but not in health.

Fitness is something that everyone wants. We have all explored ways to get slim or to get fit. Everyone is looking for a cut and dried method to get back to shape.

Is it possible to get a miracle that turn can completely transform you over a night or a week or a month?

Well! people believe in the fascinating advertisements that assure you to transform your body in 4 weeks. This shows that it is not that we don’t want to change but the problem is we are not choosing the right path.

The journey towards fitness is not only limited to eating less, exercising more or anything like that. More of it is regulated through our mind.

The book The Overweight Mind covers the practical reason why you are not getting to your weight loss goals.

Your MIND!

The Overnight Mind

The Overweight Mind

The Overnight Mind : The Undeniable Truth Behind why you’re Not Losing Weight is a book by Jay Nixon.

As the name suggests, this book attempts to cover the practical reason why one is not losing weight. It states why the fatty stays fat no matter what we seem to do.

Health is wealth and everyone wants to remain fit as a fiddle.

The Overweight Mind says that fitness needs a lot more than just walking or exercising for long hours. It tells how the people we meet in our everyday life, influence our weight loss plans.

No matter what you do, All the planks and crunches that you practice could not take you to the real gems of health. The book neglects the equation of health given by so called health experts and give more priority to the human mind towards developing a healthy and fit human being.

About the author
The author of the book The Overweight Mind is Jay Nixon. Jay Nixon is an author, speaker, coach as well as mentor. The ultimate aim of the writer is to help people so that they can achieve their absolute best self. He owns the Thrive Fitness Studio located in Palm desert in California. He is a leader of thrive tribe as well.

Jay Nixon’s ultimate belief is that if a person is given right nutrition, training, and education he can set high targets. A person can not only achieve what he thinks but can surpass his own potential and thoughts.

Jay Nixon’s The Overweight Mind is a life changer. People all over the world find it highly influential which actually shows the author’s influencing skills. Jay Nixon is believed to have the ability to get into someone’s core mind. His words are so strong that they can impact the thought process and help them achieve a target that is life changing. He is recognized as the Lululemon Ambassador. He is also called one of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the business by CBS news.

What’s covered in the book : The Overweight Mind?

The book is all about changing the mindset. It states how the mind plays an important role in transforming one’s life. There are few key topics that are covered through this book. These topics reflect the way your mind influence being well. The topics covered through the book are:

· Change Your Mindset Change Your Life
The Overweight Mind says that in order to change anything in your life you must have a positive mindset. A right mindset allows you to achieve the desired aim. In any kind of implementation, you need to apply 80% skills or hard work and 20% is your mindset.

· You are your habits
Only by the positive habits created by your system, can you achieve anything. Positive habits bring you closer to your target and help you achieve them fast.

· Creating Your Circle of Success
Proximity plays a very important on overall positivity. The power of positivity is a way more than anything. The Overweight Mind explains how a circle of positive and powerful people helps you achieve your goals.

How is the book helpful?
The book is all about changing the way to perceive things. Hence, it’s not only important to change the mindset to achieve fitness but for other life aims also.

The book states how weight affects your mind and how you can control it through mind only. The power of being surrounded by good people every day is also an important element given by the author.
You will find this book a real gem that influences you towards the richness of health. This book takes you to an atmosphere where you feel like you are actually conversing with the author. You will find all the steps, plans, changes mentioned in the book are highly practical.

The Overweight Mind is an innovative and dynamic book. It provides many people with tools to fight the struggle against stubborn weight.

Cons of the book
The book is a life changer and good to read. It is interesting as well as informative. So, overall it is difficult to conclude any kind of cons in it.

Customer reviews and where to buy the book
Our Review On “The Overweight Mind” By Jay Nixon concludes that it is reader’s 100% choice.
Everyone so far has found this book highly informative, interesting and a recommended literacy work for the weight loss journey. It is rated 5 stars at amazon with all positive reviews. Customers say that this book is a life changer especially for those who struggled their entire life with losing weight.

It helps people to get clear about the fact that your brain is the actual obstruction in your weight loss desires. Many readers have said that they not only have lost tons of weight but also find themselves a better person now.

The customers who have read this book have advised it to everyone and said to strictly follow the program mentioned in the book.

If this all new book “The Overweight Mind from Jay Nixon sounds of interest to you then head over to Amazon now for the lowest price and read the reviews to see if it’s a right fit for your weight loss journey

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