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The dos and don’ts after you get lip injections

The main thing to remember after getting your fillers is that remember that your lips are going to be swollen anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks, although most swelling does dissipate within those first couple of days (via The Retreat Med Spa). However, it is recommended that you take arnica pellets or use arnica gel to help minimize any bruising or excessive swelling. Although you will usually go home with an ice pack, arnica can really help, but these recommendations can vary by practitioner — make sure you ask before applying OTC treatments to your plumped-up lips (via Total Beauty). 

It’s also recommended that you keep an eye on your new fillers once the swelling goes down to make sure you like the results. Temporary hyaluronic acid fillers can be removed fairly quickly if you don’t like them (via Byrdie).

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