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The best nail color for your skin tone

For those with medium skin tones, “I especially love deep, metallic greens and dark purples,” said Hanna, adding that soft pink always looks good too. Gayle adds, “It is best to stay away from gold and terra-cotta tones, as medium skin tones tend to have an already bronzy glow.” 

Fair skin tones, on the other hand, should opt for classic colors. “To me, nothing looks chicer than a short red or black nail on light or fair skin,” Hanna said. “It’s shocking and makes a bold statement of confidence,” she continued. Corals, peaches, and purples also suit those with fair skin says Gayle, again pointing out that if you prefer the nude look, you should always avoid colors that are similar to your skin tone.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference, so as long as you use the above recommendations as a guide, do some trial and error and you’re bound to find your favorite nail color.

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