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The bedtime mistake you’re making with your curly hair

When choosing a new, curl-friendly pillowcase, you’ll likely find your options narrowed to silk or satin. While both are great options, here’s how to find the best bedtime plan for your hair.

Both of these fabrics allow hair to slide easily all night long without friction (via Cosmopolitan). The main difference stems from the fact that silk is a naturally occurring fiber, while satin is synthetic and spun from a blend of other fabrics. Basically, you can choose a thread count of silk based on the level of softness you would like, while satin comes as is. They work the same, but if you have sensitive skin, it may be better to choose the naturally occurring silk variety of pillowcase. If you’re on a budget, satin might be the way to go, as it’s less expensive than silk.

You can also use a satin or silk scarf by wrapping it around your hair before you sleep if you’re not looking to ditch your old pillowcases (via Naturally Curly). The best part of making the switch? You get the bonus of protecting your skin from cotton’s tugging and pulling too. Hello, glowing skin!

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