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Single & Feel All Alone on Valentine’s Day

If you’re single come February 14, there’s a good chance you’re a bit bitter about the whole thing. But, it is possible to learn how to deal with Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

The shimmery heart decorations, the flowers, the chocolates, not to mention the sea of hand-holding couples—BARF! When you don’t have that special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, it can be a bummer, not to mention super lonely.

How to deal with Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Being single on Valentine’s Day feels like the worst day to be single. At least during other holidays you usually spend time with other family members or friends. This one is all about the romance.

And when you have all this romance around you but can’t enjoy it, it feels like you’re missing out on something great.

Now, I am a big believer in owning your singlehood. Being single does not have to be a bad thing. I was single for six Valentine’s Days in a row. At first, it sucked, but then I figured out how to deal with Valentine’s Day when you’re single.

Instead of stewing in my own self-loathing, I flipped it.

Valentine’s Day is about love, right? So, why not love yourself?

Whether you want to distract yourself from all the cuddling going on around you or celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single person, there are some things you can do to make Valentine’s Day better when you’re single.

#1 Buy yourself a gift. You may not have a special someone to spoil you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself. Go and splurge on that handbag you’ve been wanting or those concert tickets. Or just buy yourself some flowers. A little gift from you to you is always a great pick-me-up.

#2 Pamper yourself. You deserve it! Whether you DIY a hot bubble bath and face mask, or head to a spa for the day, soak up your alone time by relaxing to the fullest extent.

Check out Valentine’s spa deals in your area too. You would be surprised how many spas offer luxurious singles’ treatments. A massage and pedicure may be exactly what you need to cure your case of the lonelies.

#3 Babysit. If you love kids, they can turn your bad mood on its head instantly. Giving your friends a kid-free night out isn’t only super generous of you, but playing hide-n-seek, watching cartoons, and laughing at fart jokes is guaranteed to perk you up.

#4 Make it a day of giving back. When you volunteer your time for others *human or animal*, you come out of it feeling like a million bucks, not to mention helping others. By heading to a soup kitchen or an animal shelter you’re turning what could have been a potentially crappy day for you into a wonderful day for someone else.

#5 Celebrate your single life. You may be dwelling on the fact that you’re single on V-Day, but instead, celebrate it! You have time to focus on you and that’s awesome!

Grab some single friends, find a Valentine’s Day singles party in your area and go out on the town. Or stay home and have an “I’m single and happy about it” party. Being single doesn’t mean you’re a failure or can’t be happy. Enjoy this time to yourself.

#6 Appreciate the couples in your life that give you hope. Whether it is your parents, your best friends, or that wacky aunt and uncle who’ve been together 30 years, send them a gift card for dinner or some flowers.

Without having such thriving couples in your life, it is hard to picture that that could be you one day. Thanking them for showing you what true happiness looks like reignites your excitement for the future and will make their day.

#7 Do NOT reach out to an ex *whose an ex for a reason*. Instead, download a dating app and take the first steps to meet someone new, and who knows… you may be spending your next Valentine’s Day with them.

#8 Veg out with a movie marathon. But avoid cable, as many channels have endless rom-com marathons that may make you want to cry and throw your bowl of junk food at the screen.

Instead, stick with Netflix where you can pick all the horror movies and serial killer documentaries your heart desires.

#9 Work. It may not be flashy or fun, but why not take the day to focus on something super productive. It will certainly keep your mind off of the romance around you.

You can get extra work done and make some excess dough or even clean around the house and do those chores you’ve been putting off for months. Clean out under the oven or scrub the grout in your shower. I know it isn’t the Valentine’s Day of your dreams but you will be happy to finally check those chores off your to-do list.

#10 Laugh. If you can’t be bothered to go out with people, just stay home and watch some stand up on Netflix. There are tons to choose from like the hilarious Kevin Hart or Chelsea Handler, not to mention Iliza Shlesinger, who is an all-star at making fun of today’s dating culture.

#11 Learn something new. Go on Youtube and watch a tutorial. Anything from a makeup look to changing a tire will surely occupy you. Something like this unique DIY Apple Swan might help to get you started. And throw a few cat videos in there and it’ll be 12:01 AM February 15th before you know it.

#12 Exercise. You may have already given up on that New Year’s Resolution to go to the gym, but there’s no reason you can’t try again now. Use Groupon to find a great deal at a gym near you and start getting fit!

#13 Get your errands done. Go to the bank, grocery shopping, or return that ugly sweater from that weird coworker that you’ll only get store credit for because you waited so long. Keep busy with stuff you probably had to do anyway, and you won’t even realize what day it is until it’s over.

#14 Perk up a lonely friend. We all have that one neighbor, coworker, or aunt that is so sweet but also sort of lonely. Give them a call or even head on over with a treat to cheer them up. You’ll fill your day with a good deed and nice company.

#15 Get off social media. The best way to have Valentine’s Day forced down your throat is by going on Facebook or Instagram. You’re bound to see couple photos, stuffed teddy bears, and probably even a handful of engagement rings.

Instead, read a book, the newspaper, or even do a puzzle. If you can’t help it, then delete those apps for the day.

It isn’t that hard to learn how to deal with Valentine’s Day when you’re single. With all the distractions out there, you will surely find something to occupy your time.

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