Signs a First Date Went Well: 12 Clues to Know the Truth in Minutes

So, you just had a first date? Congrats! But now you need to know the signs a first date went well. No worries, I have got you covered.

First dates are complicated. We expect the worst or we expect too much. We wait for a call or a text. We wonder if we are being ghosted or they don’t want to appear too eager. So, how do you figure out all the games, clues, and signs a first date went well?

You can start from the introductions, the date itself, or really any part of the night and afterwards. There are quite a few elements of a first date that clue you into the signs a first date went well… or not.

How was the date… for you?

We will get to all the signs a first date went well in just a minute. But, before I get there, I want you to just take a second and decide if the date went well for you.

We are always so concerned if the date went well for the other person, we forget about how we feel. Are you even interested in this person? Did the date go well for you?

We so badly want approval and to not be rejected, we sometimes focus on that more than our own feelings. If you didn’t think the date went all that well, try not to fret. Do not think about it too much. It was probably mutual and that is nothing to worry about.

And, if you did think it went well, great. Again, it was probably mutual. But, let’s be sure. [Read: How to recognize a bad first date]

12 clearest signs a first date went well

We overthink first dates. So, instead of giving you a ton of little minuscule details to worry about, here are twelve main events of a first date that are true signs a first date went well.

If you think about these signs instead of overanalyzing each and everything they said, you will have your answer in no time at all.

#1 The initial reaction. Whether meeting for the first time or not, when you first arrive on the date, that reaction is priceless. The look on your date’s face will say a lot. Are they terrified? Are they nervous? Are they excited? Are they barely paying attention?

When you first walk into the restaurant, open the front door, or walk up to them at the bar, that reaction will make you feel how they feel. [Read: How to tell if there’s no chemistry and if you should stop trying]

#2 You stayed late. So, you only planned to stay for a few drinks but ended up having dinner and dessert? You don’t stay late to spend time with someone you don’t like. If they didn’t like you, they would have an excuse to leave, just like you would.

#3 You both laughed a lot. Laughing a lot on a first date is always a good sign. But make sure you are both laughing or else it does not mean the same thing. Laughing is a universal sign of happiness and fun. And if your first date is filled with laughter it definitely went well. [Read: What to talk about on a first date when you feel tongue-tied]

#4 You felt the spark. This is not as much of a sure-thing as qualitative moments, but a spark can speak to a lot. Feeling that unspoken thing that just can’t be explained means something. But, it can be one-sided on occasion.

If you felt that feeling not just overall, but at certain moments you locked eyes and there was just something there, the first date went well.

#5 They said they want to see you again. This is a pretty obvious one, but if the date ended with one of you saying you want to do this again and the other agreed, it probably went well. Why would anyone say that if they didn’t actually want to see you again?

No one wants to go on a second date with someone they had a bad date with. [Read: The texting and follow-up rules after a great first date]

#6 You weren’t distracted. With our phones glued to our hands 24/7, it is refreshing to go on a date where you are both in the moment and not on your phone. Whether you leave your phone face down on the table or it is completely out of sight, that is a good sign that the first date went well.

If someone is having a bad time on a first date, they will avoid eye contact and let their phone distract them.

#7 You were comfortable. We all have nerves going into a first date. It is totally natural. But, when you have a comfort with this person, you both feel it. You will always have some butterflies around someone you like, but if you don’t feel on edge with them there is a better chance of things working out. And when you are both comfortable with each other the date tends to go better. [Read: How to calm the 7 stages of first date panic]

#8 There were no awkward moments. We all have awkward moments now and again even the best dates. If the night is filled with awkward silences you cannot fill, the date probably didn’t go well.

If you both talked and the conversation flowed and you just felt a vibe with each other, the date went well. Trust that feeling.

#9 Body language. If they were slouched, looking down, and had their arms crossed all night, the date probably didn’t go too well. Body language often speaks louder than actual speech.

If they hold your hand across the table, put their arm around you, or even mirror your movement these are all subtle signs a first date went well. [Read: 18 signs your date really likes you on your first date]

#10 You felt good. When you leave a first date you either feel excited or just blah. If you left feeling good, smiling, and dying to tell your BFF exactly how it went, it probably went well. Trust your gut.

Overthinking is what made you come looking for this article. But, go with your gut. If you felt the date went well, it probably did. That doesn’t mean there will be a second date because sometimes people don’t follow through, but trust that the date went well if you feel it did.

#11 You kissed. A kiss at the end of a first date says it went pretty well. It at least went well enough for both people to want to kiss. But, above that, the kiss itself is a major sign.

Was the kiss good? Too wet? Was it too much? Or was it just perfect? The first kiss with a new person can be awkward, but pretty quickly you can tell if it feels right or not. If it felt right to you and you were both happy afterwards, the first date went well. [Read: Major red flags in a first kiss you shouldn’t ignore]

#12 The follow-up. How long’s it been since your date? Three days used to be the norm before the follow-up, but now, immediate gratification is the thing. If your date reached out anywhere from right after the date to 24 hours after, it went well. They have probably been dying to make more plans.

They could have really great self-control or are busy if they wait longer, but usually, if someone thought the first date went well, they will make it known. And if you aren’t sure, reach out on your own for the follow-up.

[Read: What you should say on a first date to keep it fun and flirtatious]

Figuring out the signs a first date went well does not have to be so complicated. Focus on the major factors and go with your gut. Either way, it’s not the end of the world.

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