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Sally’s Baking Challenge Announcement!

41 Months Going Strong!

Can you believe that Sally’s Baking Challenge has been going strong for 41 months? The first Sally’s Baking Challenge in February 2017 seems like forever ago and I’m just so grateful for the continued dedication and excitement for these monthly baking challenges. ?

Participation is growing each month. It’s incredible. Some months see over 2,000! As you can imagine, it’s becoming difficult to properly track the entries on multiple social medias, as well as through email. I’m always afraid we’re missing some and I certainly don’t want to accidentally leave any out.

All Entries Must Be Emailed

My team and I keep a master spreadsheet for each month and we’d love to streamline the process since there’s so much participation! So we don’t miss any entries, we’re narrowing down how to submit your recipe photos. I invite you to share them on social media just as you always have, but in order to formally submit your recipe photo into the running, you must send it via email: [email protected]. With the volume of participation, email is the best way to guarantee it’s properly counted. And we need your email in case you win, too– that’s how you receive your gift card! As we welcome a new baby, I’m taking time off the next few months, so a team member will respond instead of me.

To Sum Up:

  • Feel free to continue to share your #sallysbakingchallenge recipe photos on your social medias, but please make sure you also email us the entry. (Most of you do anyway!) Here’s the email to use: [email protected]
  • We’ll include this updated information in all Sally’s Baking Challenge posts moving forward so there’s no confusion.

Thank you again for your dedication to the monthly baking challenges. This baking tradition wouldn’t be what it is without YOU!

Q: Which Sally’s Baking Challenge has been your favorite?

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