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Perfumed Horoscope November 26 – December 2

Fragrant Horoscope
Perfumed Horoscope November 26 - December 2

by: Hieronimus


This could be easily the best week of the year when measured by positive astrological influence (Sun and Jupiter aligned with Jupiter.) It is also funny how naïve we become when we feel good, so our goal is here to stay heart-centered. It may be easy to buy into good and lucky circumstances, but inviting and magnetically attracting them long-term into your life may be a more complex task. Set your highest standards for the year to come as well. This week we are looking at the marvelous work by Gallagher Fragrances.
cranberry cocktail


This is a good week to make long-term plans about what you want to know, and how it can be translated into more efficiency and better income. The pressure to get into a new directional state may be strong, but also hard to define. Don’t be impulsive; there really is no instant solution right now. Let your future unfold just by getting the feel for the ideal scenario. By Gallagher Fragrances try Bergamust.


You may have two distinct mindsets, and it would be a good idea to merge them. One could be that somehow you feel you have the right to substantial wealth, and that it will find you no matter what. It is far more than just a lucky circumstance. It's what you feel that you've invested that will need to come back now. On the other hand, you will have an urge to share. Those two need to come together in your mind so that you overcome an “either…or” state of mind. By Gallagher Fragrances try Fineapple.


This is an interesting week where you may learn and adopt a pattern when pushing for what you want in life. It is not that suddenly you have became ambitious, it's really that finally your passion at work, and your will experience it like some kind of all-uniting Einsteinian force. You may actually be surprised by your partner's support. If you are not sure about what you deserve, get into a mindset of knowing that you deserve it all.  By Gallagher Fragrances try Carpe Café.


This week, many hints and coincidences will lead you towards becoming some kind of a healer. If you are already in good shape, you will have this urge to suddenly spread your good energy and see how those around you can get into better shape. If you have some health issues yourself, you may decide to visit a playground / gym where you will learn about healing yourself. Remember that learning is the glue that will keep all your experiences together. By Gallagher Fragrances try Orange Blossom Silk.


This is the week where you can successfully pin down what is the obstacle to your creative endeavor, and plan how to make the energy of that obstacle work for you. You initial idea could be that you don’t have the resources to do it. Than try to visualize how all the resources are actually shared resources, and how you are ready to accept this because it will not ultimately benefit only you, but a much wider audience hungry for some more motivational excitement in life, stuff that you can easily produce any time. By Gallagher Fragrances try Peaches & Campfires.


This is one of those interesting weeks when you feel you have a golden egg in your nest, but you are not sure what to do with it. You know there is not much good if it’s sitting there without any use. The keyword is your partner, and I hope you have a lot of trust in your partner because he/she can help you to get this great energy moving in all the right directions, but mainly towards greater stability. By Gallagher Fragrances try Tobacco Silk.


This could turn out to be pretty exciting week at work, with great bonuses and rewards in one way or another. You are most likely to be in gratitude mode, and ideally you may like how you feel and adopt this attitude for a longer period. It is more than just radiating good energy outward, it actually resets the connection between your emotions and your mind. So don’t forget to be grateful to yourself as well for carrying out all these positive intentions and projects.  By Gallagher Fragrances try Tulip Silk.


You may have a strong urge to take some kind of a risk this week and, as usual, you need to know how much you can afford to “lose." It is truly hard to advise you, because you have such a strong connection to your own instincts. If a rational mind tells you to wait another week, that is probably a good idea, especially if it’s a sizable investment. The astrological reasons are twofold: We are in the third moon quarter (waning influence good for closures,) and Mercury is still retro until the 6th. By Gallagher Fragrances try Sandalwood Silk.


So, okay, you can play lottery this week, but since Mercury is retrograde I would still hire a hypnotist to get the best numbers out of the void, unless you can fish directly out of your subconsciousness. Otherwise, this is the moment to tap into the best of you, bring it out, hold it up high, and align with it over the next year. You can get lucky and you will, just make sure you are also happy pursuing it and achieving it. For example, look up a video with and by “the Iceman” Wim Hof, and commit to having phenomenal physical fitness, while also enjoying an expanded consciousness. By Gallagher Fragrances try Evergreen Dream.


This is one of those weeks where your good deeds from the past will pay off. They may actually pay off financially also, or through someone sharing something about how significant your influence was at some point in their life. Nothing counts more towards making you feel that your life is truly meaningful. Look into charity work, and volunteering if you are not involved by any of those, since there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from that. By Gallagher Fragrances try Bergamust Noir.


This is the time for your full activation, and I mean on all levels, starting from physical DNA activation, to your mind, and its connection to this planet and the universe. With this total activation, you should finally get out of your discontent, and create a new contentment that will wash aside all that you don’t like about this world. Your new base should include your friends, and if you are on social media, state clearly your political views so that the profile of those following and possibly supporting you stays sharp and tight. By Gallagher Fragrances try iloreN.


This week the vision for your future is arriving in vital shape and form. It should be a big, solid, clear vision which will not go away. This vision can have two shapes: your new career, or your existing career but doubled, and more fitting to the needs of your growth. Those visions should not feel like it is something that you have to do, because it may send the wrong message to your current mild restlessness. If you feel like something irrational is overtaking you, do not panic, and do some good old physical stuff like jogging, swimming, and working out, and this will ground you in a very productive way. By Gallagher Fragrances try Amongst Waves.

Zoran Cerar – Hieronimuss has loved delicate and natural fragrances since his childhood. He has also been an incurable astrology addict since 1984.With his astrological insight, he helped many restless souls with advice related to personal growth, relationships, and career choices. He holds a PhD in German Literature and teaches at a few Colleges in New York. His web site is a portal for sharing astrological experiences and knowledge, and here he offers his astrological readings and reports.



Zoran’s good wishing nature couldn’t escape a drean to wish us two Jupiters at once.:)))

Domage, there only one such so the third one in a conjunction is Mercury, who offers a lot like Jupiter but half of that cheats if he’s busu doing cores of his, usually. Especially if it is in the exile house, house of discomfort and responsibilities.



“Sun and Jupiter aligned with Jupiter”?


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