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If you use hair gel on your brows, here’s what happens

There’s another staple in your makeup bag that you can use to keep your eyebrows in place: Chapstick or lip balm. Unlike hair gel, lip balm will have a softer, more natural hold on your brow, Healy said. “An option with SPF is even better because it can protect your brows from bleaching in the sun,” he added.

While gel can make brow hairs stiff and flaky, lip balm gives “a soft healthy shine to brow hair,” makeup artist Aidan Keough told Byrdie. Once you get comfortable with the idea of applying a tool meant for your lips to the area around your eyes, there’s one additional beauty use for lip balm that may surprise you: try it as an eye makeup remover. “Whenever you make a mistake with an eye liner or if some mascara smudges, don’t reach for makeup remover — it’s too liquidy and hard to control,” he explained. Instead, lip balm applied to a cotton swab will magically erase lash clumps, raccoon eyes, and other eye makeup misdemeanors.

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