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Cloche Hats For Women

How to wear cloche hat (Infographics)

This is a reference to an article published by Old Magazine Articles from a 1925 issue of The Delineator.

In choosing a suitable hat, make sure the head size is correct. It must be large enough to pull right down over the head, but it must not stand away from it. Consider your height and the shape and length of your face in relation to the shape and height of the crown and the position of the trimming.’

A 1920’s Cloche Hat Color Chart

Pottery colors were a big inspiration like soft green-blue; black and oyster white; Quaker greys, and cocoa brown. For a summer flavor, light blues, greens and pinks. A desirable color is one that evokes the health of youth, so keep it vibrant !

how to wear cloche hat

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