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How to Tell if a Guy Wants to Kiss You: Make Your Move, Ladies!

Girls aren’t supposed to sit back and let the men make all the moves. Knowing how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you will give you the push you need.

Who says guys have to make the first move? It’s a tradition that’s long since abandoned and yet, women just aren’t going for it. Maybe that’s because many don’t know how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you. And leaning in for a kiss only to be rejected can be pretty terrifying.

Some guys are too shy to make the first move

Even if he wants his lips on yours, he might not go for it. Some guys just don’t have the backbone to do it. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. It just means you’ll have to take the reigns and make a move on him if you want to further your relationship.

But you can’t just go around kissing any guy who talks to you. You want to be sure the man wants to kiss you before going in for it. Because not only does it hurt when they pull away, but it could ruin things if you’re just moving in too soon. [Read: 14 ways to tell if a shy guy likes you]

How to tell if a guy wants to kiss you so you can close the gaps

It’s up to you. Once you know when a guy wants to kiss you, you’ll have the confidence to lean in and make it happen. But it’s also useful so you can avoid him if the date isn’t going well. Bottom line, watching out for these signs will help you know if a guy wants to get a little closer to you.

#1 He’s flirty. A guy who’s flirting with you clearly likes you in a romantic way. Otherwise, he couldn’t be doing it. It’s a natural thing that happens even without their conscious knowledge, even. So if he’s getting especially flirtatious, he could want to kiss you.

#2 You’ve been on a date or two. Guys won’t just go out with a girl again if they don’t like her. There’s a reason they’re out with you. It means he likes you. And if he likes you, there’s a very high possibility he wants to kiss you. You’ll be able to tell for sure by his actions during the date. [Read: 15 super obvious signs a guy is sexually attracted to you]

#3 You text and talk often. It’s all about figuring out how much he likes you. The more he texts and talks to you, the better chances are that he likes you. And he’ll want to kiss you if he likes you a lot and finds you attractive.

#4 He’s making other physical contact. This won’t be inappropriate contact, though. Since he hasn’t even kissed you yet, he’ll keep things PG. That means he might put a hand at the small of your back as you walk through a doorway or bump shoulders with you when he says something flirty. These small touches indicate his desire for something less innocent.

#5 You’re comfortable touching. How do you feel when he touches you in those ways? Do you welcome it and want him to come closer? If so, he probably feels the same way. The two of you are at a comfortable place. You can touch each other with ease and that means he’s thinking of your lips touching, too. [Read: 20 types of touches and what each means]

#6 He keeps looking at your lips. This is one of the biggest signs someone wants to kiss you. His eyes will wander to your lips multiple times. He’s thinking about them and he wants to put his lips on yours. Watch his line of sight and you’ll be able to tell what he’s thinking.

#7 The tension in the air has turned sexual. You can just feel the shift. There’s a moment where things are normal and you’re both having a great time and suddenly the conversation dies down and you’re left wondering about his lips on yours. Watch what he does in this moment. If he’s moving in closer, he wants to kiss you. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

#8 He’s told you how he feels about you. A guy who declares his feelings for you is a guy who definitely wants to kiss you. He wouldn’t have opened up to you otherwise. It’s clear he has strong feelings and is telling you so you can move things forward at your own pace. [Read: 15 sweet gestures that express love without words]

#9 He’s keeping his breath fresh. Have you noticed his need to always be chewing gum or popping mints into his mouth? This is particularly obvious if you two just went out to dinner. Does he just hang out after the meal or is he eating gum right away? If he’s trying to keep his breath fresh all the time, he wants to kiss you.

#10 He’s offering you mints or gum. This is basically like offering you a kiss. If he’s chewing gum and eating mints and offers some to you, there’s a big chance he wants to make you feel good if he leans in for a kiss.

He won’t want you to worry about your breath either. Keep an eye on him in this type of situation because he’ll probably make a move shortly if you don’t.

#11 He’s creating intimate conversation. Instead of just talking about your day or the weather, he’s asking you about your life. He wants to know about your dreams and values and desires. This is intimate discussion that often leads to increased feeling and him wanting to kiss you. [Read: How to keep a conversation going with the opposite sex]

#12 He pauses during discussion. When you two are talking, he’ll take long pauses. These often increase the sexual tension and he might be stopping to look down at your lips. It’s also his way of giving you a chance to make a move if you so desire. The more he pauses during discussion, the more he probably wants to kiss you.

#13 He’s making a lot of eye contact. It’s his way of connecting with you in a deeper way. He wants to further your connection and making eye contact is a perfect way to do that. It also makes you feel more comfortable and that’s his goal if he wants to kiss you.

#14 He’s bringing attention to his lips. This is really in any way. He might lick them or bite them. He could even just put on some chapstick. When he’s drawing your own attention to his lips, he’s probably thinking about kissing you. [Read: Why lip biting is oh so sexy]

#15 He seems a little nervous. Let’s be real here. Girls aren’t the only ones to get nervous before a kiss. Because society tells us that guys are supposed to make the first move, they’re often even more nervous. If you notice he’s a little more frazzled than usual, it could be because he wants to kiss you.

[Read: 13 sultry signs he totally wants to kiss you]

Guys can be hard to read sometimes. That being said, knowing how to tell if a guy wants to kiss you can be easy if you know what to look for. With these hints, you’ll have all the information to make your next move.

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