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How to Tell a Girl She’s Beautiful Without Sounding Cheesy or Fake

When you blurt out the words “you’re so beautiful,” it might sound good, but cheesy, right? Here’s how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without the cheese.

It’s nice to give compliments. Telling someone they look nice has the power to make their day. But be sure that you’re giving the compliment in a way which is genuine and can be taken seriously. If you want to know how to tell a girl she’s beautiful, you might be tempted just to come out and say it.

Sure, it’ll work, but generic compliments such as this are so over. Be creative! Come up with something that shows her that you really mean it! That way, she’s more likely to actually believe you.

There is nothing worse than receiving a cheesy compliment that makes you cringe. It doesn’t make you feel good. It just makes you wish the ground would open and swallow you up.

How to tell a girl she’s beautiful and sound genuine

Girls don’t believe compliments very easily. We’re all so hard on ourselves that when someone says “you’re beautiful,” you just want to roll your eyes and say “yeah right, here we go again!”

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If you want to convince her that you mean it and that you really want to make her feel as special as she is to you, here are a few ways you can learn how to tell a girl she’s beautiful without erring into cheese-zone territory.

#1 Choose a specific detail. Don’t just say “you’re beautiful” and leave it at that. It’s far better to choose a specific detail that you find beautiful and explain it to her. It might be her smile or how her eyes change color according to her mood. It might be the freckles over her nose.

Be creative and find something that is unique about her. Understanding how to tell a girl she’s beautiful really comes down to getting her to believe you. By choosing a specific detail about her that no one else has, you have a better chance of her actually taking your compliment in the way you want her to. [Read: 20 easy ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

#2 Choose a personality trait. The compliment of being beautiful is usually attributed to physical appearance. Beauty can be on the inside too. Don’t just tell her that you like her eyes or you like her body, etc. Again, it’s generic and can be said to any girl. In addition to choosing a specific detail, like I’ve just mentioned, learning how to tell a girl she’s beautiful is far more effective if you add in a few personalty traits too.

Tell her that you love how kind she is to people, that you adore the passion she has for her job, how you find her creativity inspiring. These types of compliments really do mean the world. [Read: How to show respect in a relationship and love each other better]

#3 Choose your moment. You might want to shower her with compliments all the time, but the more you hear something, the harder it is to believe it, because it becomes so routine. Choose a moment when she least expects it. Don’t create the most romantic setting and tell her how beautiful she is to you. That’s really quite cheesy! Don’t believe everything you see in movies!

Learning how to tell a girl she’s beautiful is more about the unexpected, routine moments when she’s just going out about her business and she takes your breath away for that second. In that moment, tell her!

#4 The best compliments make you feel truly valued. It’s nice that someone finds your physical appearance beautiful. But it’s more fulfilling when someone finds something you do or a trait you have beautiful.

Make sure that any compliment you give her makes her feel truly valued, loved, and seen by you. This type of compliment has the greatest impact. It has the power to not only change her day but her whole week!

Something like “I love how you care so much about your neighbor,” “how you take care of any animal you see really makes me smile.” It means you see her, you notice what she does, and it has an impact on you. [Read: How to please your girlfriend and make her feel lucky and loved]

#5 Do it in private. You might want to make a big show of it on social media and shout from the rooftops about how wonderful the lady in your life is. However, if you want to learn how to tell a girl she’s beautiful in the best possible way, it needs to be a private thing. Some people find compliments a little embarrassing when done in front of people or assume they’re not genuine.

It’s far better to tell her how beautiful she is to you when she least expects it, and when it’s just you and her. When you do that, she’s far more likely to believe you than if you were doing a Tom Cruise and jumping up and down on the sofa shouting about how in love you are. That’s just cringy.

#6 Make sure your body language agrees with your words. Let’s be honest, not everyone is comfortable with outpourings of love. It can be that you get embarrassed saying these things to someone, even though you mean them. Basically, you’re scared she’s going to reject you or laugh at you. Now, any woman who is worth her salt is not going to laugh at you for telling her that she’s beautiful. She might become coy or embarrassed, but she’ll appreciate it.

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Understanding how to tell a girl she’s beautiful basically means that you match your body language to your words and your facial expression. Then, she will believe you. Don’t avoid eye contact, don’t turn your body away from her, and don’t mumble.

Keep your body language open, make eye contact, and say the words you want to say *whatever they are* clearly and so she can hear you.

Learning how to tell a girl she’s beautiful shouldn’t be complicated, but many people make it harder than it really is! At the end of the day, you simply need to be honest and speak from the heart. When you do, she’s bound to take what you say in a way which makes her heart soar too. However, when you force it, when you try and be all fancy and make huge gestures, it often loses the real meaning and creates a false impression.

Avoid cringy language, don’t write her a poem unless you really are a poet. Avoid shouting about it on social media. Quiet compliments when she doesn’t expect it are the most pure and wonderful gestures you can give.

In that case, knowing how to tell a girl she’s beautiful isn’t difficult, it shouldn’t be something you worry about saying, and it doesn’t need a huge amount of planning. You just need to tell her how she makes you feel in the most casual but heart-felt away possible. You think it to yourself every day, just vocalize the words and you’re good to go!

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Learning how to tell a girl she’s beautiful doesn’t need grand gestures. Don’t be generic. Be creative. And be genuine. When you do that, you’ll easily find that you’re able to show her how wonderful she is to you.

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