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How to Seduce a Guy: 15 Sultry Steps to Put into Practice Today!

Seducing a man may sound like an insurmountable challenge. But if you know how to seduce a guy, then you won’t have any troubles achieving your goal.

People make seduction sound like something you need a degree in. Sure, it may seem daunting and a little challenging at first, but it’s nothing you can’t overcome. When it comes to knowing how to seduce a guy, it’s not that hard.

Trust me, for a man to want to have sex with you, it doesn’t take much. You don’t even need to know how to seduce a guy. But that’s not what you’re looking for in this article. If you want something more than a fling, then you’re going to need to seduce him. I’m not saying you throw yourself at him – that’s not seduction. Instead, seduction is pulling a man in and keeping him interested.

How to seduce a guy in 15 easy steps

And that can be a challenge. Today, our culture is all about hooking up and “no-strings-attached” relationships *which never really work out anyways, but we’ll save that for a different day*.

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So, finding someone to have sex with you won’t be hard. But finding someone who will want something more, that’s where the challenge lies. And this is where you need to know how to seduce someone. Is this manipulation? No.

Seduction is about building sexual tension and letting the person develop feelings for you before giving them what they ultimately want *which is sex*. It’s like making a cake and finally getting the chance to eat it yourself. So, let’s start cooking.

#1 Be yourself. I cannot express the importance of being yourself. Seduction isn’t about putting on someone else’s face and having a guy fall for you. You need to be yourself during the entire process. If not, he’ll fall for someone you’re not. Eventually, the real you will poke its head out. That’s when things get messy. [Read: 14 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

#2 Don’t think about the future. When you start thinking about the future, that’s when trouble starts. Dreaming up your future with him is going to throw you off your game, and you’ll also ignore red flags. Be present in the moment and focus on your interactions with him. No future thoughts, okay?

#3 Focus on yourself. I know this sounds a little weird, but be balanced in your life if you want to know how to seduce a guy. Self-care is essential. If you want to seduce someone, you need balance in your life. You won’t be able to fake this.

Focus on solving your problems and dive into your negative emotions, finding the root cause. By freeing yourself of mental drama, you’ll be able to live in the moment. [Read: How to step out and live your life to the fullest]

#4 Be the sexy version of you. If you want to know what men like, don’t look at a women’s magazine. That’s not going to do you any justice. Focus on being the sexiest version of yourself. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy. Don’t try to change your style because you think that’s what he’s going to like. Dress the way you want. [Read: How to be sexy as ever and own your own style of attractiveness]

#5 Give them space. Usually, when we want someone, we make the mistake of smothering them. Everyone likes attention but to a point. The people we usually fall for don’t give us too much attention. And that’s the ticket. Don’t be needy or clingy, be the opposite. It’ll drive them nuts and make them work harder for you.

#6 Work on your confidence. If you really want to seduce a man, you need to be able to walk into the room thinking you’re the hottest one in it. I’m serious. Confidence is the sexiest accessory on a woman or man. Seduction is about highlighting the sexiest and most seductive parts of you. You’re not competing against other women; you’re loving every inch of yourself and letting everyone know it. [Read: 15 sexy ways to unleash your sex goddess hiding within]

#7 Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You may be interested in this one guy, but that doesn’t mean you should invest everything into him. Plus, if it doesn’t work out, it’ll hit your ego and self-esteem. But, if you have other desirable options, the blow won’t be too hard on you. Instead, you’ll move on easily.

#8 Having options is hot. I forgot to say, having options is hot. When a guy sees that you have other men interested in you, it changes the game. He doesn’t have time to wait around and relax. He either needs to jump on the opportunity or not. If you’re in-demand, it’s better for you. Plus, who doesn’t want to have options? [Read: How to date multiple guys without being shady or called a cheater]

#9 Seduction is more than looks. Everyone thinks seduction is about looking hot and sexy. But if you want to know how to seduce a guy, you need to remember that attractiveness is subjective, and that’s why confidence is so important. But seduction is also about the vibe you give to other people. What kind of person are you? Fun? Mysterious? Know what your vibe is and use it to your advantage.

 #10 Let it go. People suck at seducing others because they’re too uptight. How can you seduce someone when you’re nervous and sweating? Don’t overthink how you’re going to dress or act. Think of seduction as highlighting the best parts of yourself, that’s it. The rest you need to let go and relax. [Read: How to attract men in a way they just can’t resist]

#11 Understand you have the power. As a seducer, understand the power is in your hands. You’re in control of your mood, of your vibe, of your emotions. You decide how you want to walk into a room, and how you want people to see you. But to truly use your power, work on getting rid of your negativity.

#12 Change your mental state. Having negative thoughts isn’t something uncommon; we all have negative thoughts. But if you want to seduce a guy, seduction and negativity can’t go hand-in-hand. And this is why self-care is important.

You need to work on your emotions and feelings, understanding where your negative thoughts come from. And most importantly, learn how to let them go and think positively. [Read: How to seduce and bewitch any man with your lips and words]

#13 Make him feel like a man. If you want to seduce a man, you need to make him feel like a man. His experience with you is purely mental. How he feels around you will determine his next moves. If he feels good around you, he’ll want more of you. And that’s actually when you start to seduce him. Make him feel like a man; there’s nothing wrong with embracing your feminine side.

#14 If you make jokes, don’t degrade him. No one likes being degraded by someone else. If you want to make him feel like a man, avoid making jokes that make him feel small and insignificant. If you have a heated debate, maybe you need to double-check and see if this is someone you want to seduce. Because if he makes you feel anger, why seduce him? [Read: How to ignore someone you don’t like without all the stressful drama]

#15 Engage with him. If you want him to fall for you, be someone he can engage in conversation with. Be curious about his ideas and thoughts. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and accepted by someone they like. If not, they’ll turn to someone else. Be someone he feels comfortable and supported by, that’s what men want.

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Now, you know how to seduce a guy, or for that matter, any guy you want. All you need to do is take these steps and put them into practice.

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