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How to make your eyelash extensions last longer

Caring for your eyelash extensions begins before you even have them applied. Hanna believes it’s important to do plenty of research on lash techs way before you head out the door so that you can be sure of high quality — and safe — treatment. As soon as you’ve had the treatment, Hanna recommends investing in a gentle, oil-free foam cleanser, as this is what will keep your lashes clean. Don’t be afraid to wet your eyelash extensions, and make sure you wash them at least once a day.

“After your lashes are washed and dried, give them a gentle brush with a clean mascara-style wand — these are supplied by your lash tech at the end of treatment and will keep your lashes looking super fluffy,” Hanna explained to Prima. If you missed out on a wand, you should be able to pick one up at your local drugstore.

According to Hanna, those with healthy extensions can wait up to three weeks before having an infill. If cared for correctly, there shouldn’t be any reason they won’t last this long.

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