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How to Know When to Stop Texting a Guy: Did You Text Too Much?

When you like someone, you want to talk to them all the time. When does it get to be too much? This is how to know when to stop texting a guy.

Texting is a great way to communicate, but it can also become simply too much. Now, if you want to go on a second date with him, you probably are texting him to keep the spark going. Now that’s all fine and dandy, but texting is an art. Sometimes it can kill the relationship. It’s time you learned how to know when to stop texting a guy. [Read: How to stop texting someone when that’s all you want to do]

How to know when to stop texting a guy

Ugh, dating. Okay, I shouldn’t be so dramatic. I actually really like dating. It’s fun, it’s light, it’s something new every time. But, of course, there are unwritten dating rules that you must follow. You don’t have to follow them, but these rules will help you succeed and land a date and possibly a boyfriend.

When we like someone, we have butterflies and get all excited, wanting to be around them all the time. But that’s the problem. Now, you shouldn’t suppress your emotions, but there are some things you need to be aware of that make you look overeager, clingy, and desperate.

If you really like him that’s great but know your boundaries. Yes, boundaries. I know, it’s a horrible word. There are boundaries for a reason. We’re all glued to our phones, thinking that we’re accessible to people 24/7, and that’s a huge problem. There are limits to everything. If you’re wondering how to know when to stop texting a guy, keep these cues in mind.

#1 He takes forever to reply. Honestly, babies can text faster than this guy. Girls, it’s really quite simple. If he texts you within a couple of hours *maybe he can’t text at work* and the texts are engaging then it shows he’s interested in talking to you. But if it takes him an entire day to reply to one text and his message has nothing of value in it, stop texting him. [Read: 12 common texting habits that push guys away]

#2 He doesn’t take the conversation anywhere. The conversation is basically him replying to you going on and on and on about whatever it is. It’s actually not a conversation, it’s just him letting you breathe for a moment before you keep the conversation alive. Listen, there was never a conversation to begin with. [Read: The unwritten texting rules you must remember]

#3 You always text him first. You never receive a morning text from him first. It’s always you sending him the first text when you want to talk to him. If he was into you, he would be texting you first. Not necessarily all the time, but there would be a healthy back-and-forth relationship going on. But there’s not.

#4 He doesn’t ask you out. You have been texting with him for days, weeks, even months, but he never asks to hang out with you. Strange, no? It is strange. And that’s either because he’s simply talking to you to keep you as an option in case one of his other girls don’t work out or he’s really not interested in you. Either way, it’s a shitty deal for you. You need to pull out.

#5 He only texts you when he’s drunk. Maybe he does text you, but it seems to be only when he’s really drunk. Now, you may interpret this as he likes you but he’s hiding his emotions. No, that’s not the reason. He’s texting you when he’s drunk because he knows you’ll hook up with him, and you’re easier than meeting someone new. [Read: 17 sordid signs you’re just a hookup and nothing more]

#6 He replies with one word answers. Ah yes, his answers are anything but overwhelming. If you scroll through your conversation, most of his replies are “yeah” or “lol” or “k.” This isn’t what keeps the conversation going and he knows that. He’s tries to end the conversation and give you a strong hint that he’s not interested.

#7 He replies days later. Good thing he’s not your emergency contact person because this guy doesn’t respond quickly to your texts. When you like someone, you give them your attention and reply as quickly as possible. If he writes you days later, come on, you know he’s not into you. Everyone has two minutes to reply to a text message. It doesn’t take two days to reply. [Read: What it means when a guy doesn’t text you back]

#8 He gives you an excuse when you ask him out. You’ve asked him a couple of time if he wants to go out. Maybe he said yes but then at the last minute, he always seems to have an emergency or something he forgot. Listen, he doesn’t have the balls to tell you that he’s not interested. Instead, he leads you and then drops you at the last minute. Save yourself and just stop texting him. Let him come to you if he wants to. [ Don’t be the crazy girl who texts too much]

#9 He ghosts you after he gets what he wants. Maybe you two hooked up and you felt a connection, however, he didn’t feel the same as you. For him, it was a one-night stand that was fun… for that night. But now, he sees that you’re always texting him, giving him clingy vibes which he doesn’t want to deal with. This is when you need to back way off and give him some space.

#10 He doesn’t say hi to you in public. I don’t mean this in the way that he runs and hides from you, but he definitely avoids eye contact and pretends to be on the phone or trying on a shirt. He doesn’t want to interact with you because he feels that you’ll try to contact him. So, pretending not to see you eliminates the chance for you to talk to him. [Read: Is he shy or just not interested? 15 signs to know the truth]

#11 He changes his number. Maybe his phone fell into the toilet at a house party or maybe he doesn’t want you to have his number. If he changes his number without letting you know, there’s a reason why he did it. He doesn’t want you to know his number because if you knew it, you’d never leave him alone.

#12 He doesn’t add you on social media. If he wanted to creep your social media, he would have and probably added you as a friend. But alas, he didn’t. He doesn’t want you liking his statues, commenting on all his photos, and creeping through his friend’s list. This is why your friend request has been untouched. He doesn’t want you to know about his personal life.

#13 He tells you to stop texting him. If he tells you to stop texting him or subtly hints that he’s not interested, it’s a pretty clear sign he wants to cut you off. Don’t take it personally. You may intimidate him or whatever. That’s not the point, the point is that you need to back off and stop writing him because you’re not getting what you want. [Read: These signs will tell you if a guy doesn’t like you]

#14 His friends all know about you. If he’s not replying to you but his friends all know about you, that’s not because he likes you. If he was into you, he would be texting you, making sure you received attention. But he’s not.

Weird how his friends all know about you though, right? It’s not weird. They all know about you because you’re the girl that won’t leave him alone. You’re the entertainment for his group of friends.

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It’s not easy being in the dating world. There are so many unwritten rules to learn when it comes to dating. But if you learn how to know when to stop texting a guy now, you won’t have to learn the hard way.

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