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How to Keep Your Relationship Going While Self Isolating

We’re living in uncertain times, but if you learn how to keep your relationship going while self isolating, you stay healthy and connected!

Unless you live with your partner, you’re probably spending large amounts of time away from each other. That’s hard. If you’re in a new relationship, in the middle of that honeymoon, can’t keep your hands off each other phase, it’s even worse! However, the good news is that there are ways you can stay connected during this weird time we find ourselves in. Simply learn how to keep your relationship going while self isolating.

By doing that, you’re doing your bit for the health of your community, protecting your own health, and staying connected to your partner at the same time.

How to keep your relationship going while self isolating

Nobody wants to be in the situation we find ourselves in these days. Nobody ever dreamed we’d even be in this situation. Can you imagine if you told yourself this time last year that you’d have to stay home, stay away from your elderly parents, and that people would be fighting over toilet paper rolls in the supermarket?

You’d laugh at yourself and possibly call yourself crazy. Yet, here we are.

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Self isolating isn’t easy. It sounds idyllic. No need to go out when you feel tired, you can lounge around at home and watch Netflix. If you want to gorge yourself on chocolate, go ahead. But, in practice, self isolating is hard.

Follow these tips, and learn how to keep your relationship going while self isolating.

#1 Eat dinner or watch a movie together via video call. Just because you’re not with each other physically doesn’t mean you can’t do regular things. We’re very fortunate that all of this is happening in the middle of the technological age. Can you imagine if this was happening when we didn’t have the capacity to call our family and friends or video call our partners?

So, spend a couple of hours on video call with your partner and just do the things you’d normally do. You can easily prop up your phone and watch a movie. It’ll feel like you’re together! You don’t have to do this every night, but it helps to keep the connection going. Plus, it is a great step in knowing how to keep your relationship going while self isolating. [Read: How to deal with a long distance relationship and keep your sanity]

#2 Send each other funny memes or gifs. Let’s be honest, self isolating is hard enough without being away from your partner. So, when you’re scrolling through your phone and see a funny meme or gif that reminds you of your partner *or you generally find it hilarious*, share it with them. It’ll make them feel like they’re on your mind, and it keeps you connected whilst lifting the spirits. [Read: How to cheer yourself up and find your inner happiness]

#3 Message regularly throughout the day. Be careful not to go on radio silence. We have messaging apps these days which make it super-easy to stay in touch. You can simply send a quick “what you doing?” or “I’m eating dinner, what you having?” Again, it helps you stay connected and keeps things fresh.

From a physical point of view, who says you can’t have messaging app flirtation that leads somewhere a little racy? It’s fun, try it! Just make sure you hit send on the right conversation and don’t accidentally send it to your friend or, even worse, your parents, a message that was meant for your partner’s eyes only!

#4 Schedule a video call and stick to it. I mentioned video calls a little earlier. It’s vital that if you make a time to call each other, you stick to it. Your partner is probably really looking forward to that call. If you put it off simply because you’ve really got into a movie or decided to bake cookies instead, you’re going to upset them and possibly cause an argument. That’s not the way to learn how to keep your relationship going while self isolating! With that in mind, make a time and stick to it! [Read: The best virtual date ideas to really get to know each other during self isolation]

#5 Talk about your feelings. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, people! It’s totally normal to feel worried, stressed, or even angry. It’s important to vocalize those feelings.

To connect with your partner, we all know that communication is key, so make sure that you talk about how the situation is affecting you, and listen when your partner does the same. This will help you both to realize that while it’s not forever, it is something which is a huge part of all our lives at the moment.

#6 Have a date night. This isn’t the movie or random dinner via video call I mentioned earlier. This is when you both get dressed up and spend the evening on video call with each other, doing whatever you would do if you were on a regular date night – within reason! Drink wine together, talk, connect, do whatever, but make sure that it’s a regular thing.

Focus your attention only on one another. This will help to make the situation feel at least a little more normal than it is. [Read: Long distance relationship boredom and how to spice it up]

#7 Don’t be needy. By all means, talk about how you’re feeling, but do it in moderation. If you’re constantly talking about how bad it is to be away from one another and how you’re missing your partner, you’re going to drag them down. Also, don’t expect them to call or message you 24 hours of the day.

Yes, they’re self isolating. It also means they probably have family in the home with them, who they’re self isolating with. They might be a key worker who needs to go out to work. Let everything happen naturally. Yes, it takes effort, but it shouldn’t be a full time job either! [Read: How to be less clingy and avoid stressing out your partner during the pandemic]

#8 Make sure you talk about things which are unrelated. Don’t make every conversation you have about the coronavirus and the situation in general. It’s hard not to, because it’s happening right before our eyes. If you want to make everything feel slightly more normal, talk about random things that have no real meaning.

Talk about whatever you watched on the TV, something funny you saw on social media, anything that isn’t related to the difficult situation we’re in. [Read: How to date while social distancing and still feel closer than ever]

#9 Avoid arguments as much as possible. I’m not suggesting that you keep your feelings inside if there is a real problem. Don’t incite an argument for the sake of it. It can be easy to do, especially if you’re feeling frustrated. Try and hold your tongue if at all possible. Also, avoid any subjects which you know are just going to cause an issue. There is a time and a place, and it’s not now. [Read: The signs that stress is ruining your relationship and some quick fixes]

#10 Make plans for after self isolation. To give you both something to look forward to, make sure that you talk about the things you’re going to do after isolation is over. This isn’t forever, so keep that in mind. Make some fun plans you can both enjoy together once this nightmare is over. That’s the best way to learn how to keep your relationship going while self isolating.

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The worrying thing is that many relationships will probably fail as a result of a long time apart. But, they’re not the strongest relationships. But the bottom line is this, learning how to keep your relationship going while self isolating is all about communication.

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