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How to Find True Love: 20 Foolproof Lessons You Need to Learn

Aren’t we all looking for true love? Something to stand the test of time? These 20 tips on how to find true love will help you get there faster!

We all want to have more love in our lives. Finding true love is an amazing experience and one many people search out for many years. For most, our first loves aren’t the ones we end up with *though for a lucky few they are*, so we have to go through the experience of loving, losing, and then loving again before we find that forever person. Even if it feels like to know how to find true love is out of your reach, these 20 tips will lead you on the right path.

While it might take us a few attempts to get it right, to learn from our past experience of love to understand what we want and need in a relationship, it’s not to say that we should invalidate our past loves. They helped us learn lessons and become wiser. Doing so, however painful, ultimately helps us find the true love we search for.

What you need to know when it comes to knowing how to find true love

For many, the quest of knowing how to find true love seems daunting. To open yourself up to love, you must be prepared to be open, vulnerable, and to potentially get hurt. For people who have had bad experiences in the past, the idea of opening themselves up to another person in that way again feels daunting. However, it is worth it in the end!

So, how do you get out there and start searching for true love? What do you need to do? How do you prepare yourself mentally? Where do you need to go? How should you engage with people? Read on to discover the answers on how to find true love!

#1 Know when to let it go. If you are truly dedicated to finding true love, it’s a good idea to actually understand what it isn’t. If you cling onto every person with potential, if you stay in relationships that deep down you know aren’t working, if you keep brushing problems under the carpet and refuse to acknowledge how you really feel, you only end up unhappy.

Or ending things further down the line, which wastes everyone’s precious time. That’s not to say that love and relationships aren’t hard work sometimes, but knowing when to let go is important. [Read: 15 special ways true love sets itself apart]

#2 Be sociable. The more sociable you are, the more people you’ll meet. If you sit at home on your sofa waiting for some princess or prince charming to knock at your door you could be waiting for a long time. So get out there and start meeting new people.

#3 Don’t dismiss people straight away. Love can be found in mysterious places. If you are too closed to people you might actually miss someone that’s perfect for you. Give people second chances and the benefit of the doubt sometimes, you might end up falling for someone you thought you didn’t even like! [Read: The 15 signs you’ve graduated from puppy to true love]

#4 Be open minded. Keeping an open mind will open yourself up to the possibility of finding true love. Try new things, have interesting experiences, and don’t judge people. The more open minded you are the better.

#5 Don’t have a type. If you only go for dark haired, tall, rich guys, you are cutting out so many people without even giving them a chance. Try to steer clear of types and open your eyes to the possibility of anyone being your one true love.

#6 Look at friends in a new way. Sometimes true love is right on your doorstep and you don’t even realize it. Look at your friendship group a bit more closely. Is there anyone there who actually could be something more to you?

#7 Try online dating. There used to be a huge stigma around online dating, but nowadays that’s where you’re likely to find most single people. Online dating makes it so easy to see who is out there, so it’s worth doing if you are brave enough. [Read: 8 reasons you should give online dating a try]

#8 Learn from past mistakes. Learning from your past mistakes can really help you find love in the future. Each and every relationship you have should help you learn and grow. Try to remember what went right and what you wish you had done differently. Then, use these lessons to help make your future relationships and searches for love more successful!

#9 Believe that someone is out there for you. Sometimes it can feel as though you have been waiting forever to find love. However, keep believing there is someone out there for you. If you give up you might never meet them!

#10 Stay positive. Keep positive about finding love and the whole dating game. The more obsessive and miserable you get the more you are likely to close yourself off from people.

#11 Get new hobbies. New hobbies open new doors, they lead you to exciting places and mean that you meet new people too. Try taking up some new hobbies to expand your social circle. You’ll meet people who enjoy doing the same things as you which is the great basis for the start of a relationship.

#12 Enjoy the single life. Remember, when it comes to knowing how to find true love, it often comes to you when you least expect it. Don’t make finding true love the be all and end all, and you might find it comes to you more easily than you expected! [Read: Enjoy the single ride and find the one along the way]

#13 Know what’s important to you and what you can compromise on. Have clear values and expectations of what you want from your partner. You can find someone who is compatible far easier, and recognize someone who is not.

#14 Don’t waste time. There is no point in wasting your time in a relationship you know isn’t working. Or if your life goals or desires are completely different, no matter how much you like each other now, be honest with yourself and know that it will only end further down the line and probably be far more painful when it does!

#15 Don’t chase people who are already with someone. If you think you like someone who is already taken, really step back and think about why. You could end up spending far too much time pining after someone who isn’t right for you or who is happy with their current partner and is never going to leave them. [Read: How to stop liking someone you know you can never have]

#16  Be friendly. A big smile goes a long way. The friendlier you are the more likely you are to come across as approachable. Then you won’t miss your true love because they feel free to come up and talk to you!

#17 Say yes more. The more experiences you have in life, the more things you do, and the more willing you are to try new things, the better. True love works in mysterious ways and can be found in the most unexpected places so say yes to everything – your life will be all the better for it.

#18 Be realistic. Being realistic about what true love is is also important. If you have unrealistic expectations of what love should be, you might end up always disappointed and never finding anyone who lives up to your ideal.

#19 Listen to your gut. When it comes to find true love your instincts are usually right. Listen to your gut and follow those feelings to see what happens. [Read: 15 tips you need to transform your love life]

#20 Make an effort. The more effort you make to stay in shape, look nice, and be socially active, the more likely you are to find true love. So make sure you dress to impress, stay healthy and get out there as much as you can!

[Read: What does it feel like to be in love? Like seeing in color]

If you search for advice on how to find true love, these 20 tips help. They’ll set you out on your search with the right attitude, knowing what you want, and knowing when to move on!

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