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How to Be Hot: 14 Tips to Revamp and Reveal the Hot and Sexy You

If you’re on Instagram or Facebook, you’re constantly bombarded with images of hot people. But the secret to knowing how to be hot is already inside you.

I’m a little biased when it comes to understanding how to be hot. The problem is that everyone’s trying to look like Kim Kardashian. Now, I’m not saying she’s not hot, she’s hot. But that’s only one way to look hot. But since it’s all we see on social media, it’s easy to make that specific look the definition of beauty.

In reality, not all of us will have asses that plump or tits that look like firm bags of sand. I don’t have tits, this is just a fact, and I’m not going to get them anytime soon. Does that make me less attractive?

A tutorial for how to be hot

So, before you get yourself into a panic attack, wondering if you’ll ever be hot because you don’t have a perfectly symmetrical face, take a breath. No one is perfect, like, literally no one. But, you can be the hottest version of yourself. That is totally possible.

Now, how do you become the hottest version of yourself? Good question. I’m gonna let you in on the tricks you need to do. And you’re gonna need to put down your phone for this lesson on how to be hot.

#1 It’s not about the exterior. Okay, it is, to an extent, about how you look. But have you ever seen someone who physically maybe isn’t the most attractive person, but they’re hot? Well, that’s because they have self-confidence and believe they’re sexy, funny, and intelligent. That’s what is actually hot. It’s not so much about the appearance as it is how they carry themselves. [Read: How to be pretty and own yourself]

#2 Own the room you enter. This is going to be hard for the first little while. But, you know the old saying, “Fake it untill you make it.” In this case, I full-heartedly approve. When you walk into a room, keep your head high, smile, and look approachable.

This took me a while to do. I wasn’t confident, however, after some time, I really started to see how beautiful I am. So, walking into a room with my head high didn’t become an issue. [Read: The 20 life hacks you need to grow in confidence]

#3 Step out of your comfort zone. Listen, I’m the queen of wearing sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, so, when it came to me dressing up, it was a challenge. But, step out of your typical comfort zone. If you’re not used to wearing tight pants or high heels, why not try it out? You’ll be surprised how a pair of heels changes the way you feel.

#4 Don’t go crazy with the makeup. If you want to wear a boatload of makeup, who am I to say no? But, if you’re not used to wearing makeup, don’t think you have to go crazy on the blush and bronzer. Keep it simple in the beginning. Slowly test out different types of makeup. Wearing a lipstick with mascara helps to brighten your face and bring the focus to your lips. [Read: 15 ways to unleash the sex goddess hidden within]

#5 Less is more. If you see “hot” girls, they’re usually not decked out in head-to-toe fur or glitter. Less is actually more when it comes to dressing up and doing your hair and makeup. They don’t have chains of gold hanging off of their necks, they keep it simple. That’s really what it’s about. It’s not about changing your entire look, but rather accentuating your features.

#6 Size matters. Body size doesn’t, but how your clothes fit you does. It doesn’t matter what’s the number on your jeans. If they’re too big or small, change the size. You want your clothes to fit comfortably while still showing off your curves. Or else you either look like you’re stuffed or wearing a potato sack. Neither looks overly flatter for anyone. [Read: How to dress sexy, throw away the frumpy and go for the boom]

#7 Do things you love. How else will you be able to convey happiness and laughter if you’re not actually happy? We all go through phases where we think we’re unworthy. But the way to counteract this season? Do things that make you happy. That way, you’re truly happy inside which shows on the outside.

#8 Workout. This isn’t necessarily so you achieve a super hot body, that’s not the point. You need to sweat and have those happy hormones circulating your body. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder, but even going for a thirty-minute walk every day makes a big difference.

#9 Keep that hygiene up. Hygiene is hot. Actually, it’s one of the main things people look for in another person. If you want to be hot, take some pride in the way you present yourself. You don’t have to do much. Shower with some soap, wash your hair, clip your nails, shave. That’s it, really. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself and not give a f*&k]

#10 Clear the clutter. How you feel inside is often represented in the space you live in. If you’re full of anxiety, maybe look at the state of your house. Is it clean? Is it chaotic? Take some time to clean up your living space, you mentally feel more refreshed. Thus, you feel happier and lighter, aka hotter.

#11 Know how to flirt. Girl, if you want to feel hot, learn how to flirt. It’s an amazing feeling when you feel confident and someone approaches you. Now that they’re in front of you, build the chemistry through conversation and nonverbal communication. Laugh, touch their arm, make eye contact, and lean into them when speaking. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and overly sexual flirting moves for girls]

#12 Wear red. When in doubt, wear red. You’re not going to feel hot every day. Some days, you’re going to want to just curl up in bed. But, if you have to go out, there are some tricks. Wear red. It can be a dress, shirt, or lipstick—it doesn’t matter. Men are more sexually attracted to women wearing red. So, if you need a boost, this color does the trick.

#13 Smile. I know you may think that the serious pouting look is hot and it is, but it doesn’t make you hotter to other people. What actually makes you attractive is your smile. Smiling stimulates a part of your brain which connects to sensory rewards. So, if you smile, you look more approachable and warm. [Read: 6 baby steps to changing your life by smiling more]

#14 Know your best features. There’s nothing wrong with looking at yourself in the mirror or taking selfies. Understand your best features if you want to know how to be hot and feel great too. That way, you know what to accentuate. For example, my smile is my best feature, so, I make sure my teeth are pearly white and always wear a glossy lipstick. We all have features which pop out over the rest. Know which ones those are.

[Read: How to be sexy and own your own unique attractiveness]

Now that you know how to be hot, it’s time that you gave it a try. Listen, don’t think about celebrities or models—think about yourself.

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