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How to Awaken Your Divine Feminine & Connect to Your Inner Goddess

You have heard of the divine masculine, but what about its counterpart? The divine feminine is inside us, but most of us aren’t connected to it.

Though you may think the divine feminine is only for women, you’re wrong. In fact, both the divine masculine and feminine are in everyone.

The left side of your body associates with the feminine while the right side, the masculine. But the thing is, not everyone is using those sides equally. Some of us are more power-driven and competitive, and this is the divine masculine’s role. Other people are more creative and sensual, this is where the feminine comes into play. The goal at the end of the day is to find a healthy balance of both sides.

But that’s easier said than done. Some of us have never experienced either of these sides. It could very well be your divine feminine is fast asleep, never seeing the light. And this is something you’ll have to look at. If we want the world to evolve and be a better place, we’re going to have to find a balance between the two energies. Of course, finding the balance will have to start within yourself first. Though it’s not easy, it’s entirely possible to awaken the divine feminine in you. [Read: What is the divine masculine and how to recognize this energy]

How to connect to the divine feminine and awaken it

It’s time to become closer to yourself. [Read: What is divine feminine energy and how to tap into this powerhouse of energy]

#1 Understand what the divine feminine is. This isn’t just some new-age word being thrown around. It’s actually an important spiritual concept. The divine feminine is associated with creation, sensuality, intuition, and collaboration. The divine feminine isn’t just for women; both the masculine and feminine are inside all of us.

#2 Go barefoot – literally. If you want to connect to the divine feminine, then you need to connect with Mother Earth. The soles of your feet are what connects you to earth’s energy and can be grounding and therapeutic. Head into a forest and plant your feet in the dirt, feeling your body re-energize itself. If you want, you can also lay face down on the earth as well.

#3 Practice self-care. If you’re going to connect to the divine feminine, then you’re going to need to practice self-care. Make sure you nurture your divine feminine by practicing meditation, writing in your journal, reading a book, or taking a mental day off from work. You need to nourish your body if you want to awaken this part of you truly. [Read: 17 effortless ways to welcome positive energy into your life]

#4 Meditate. You’ve probably come to realize the importance of meditation in your everyday life. Meditation is more than just going “om.” Instead, meditation works to help connect you with your energy. By focusing on silence and opening your heart, you’ll be able to awaken the divine feminine inside of you.

#5 Connect to the arts. When it comes to awakening and connecting to the divine feminine, the arts play a crucial role. You’ll need to create time for you to practice painting, dance, cooking, writing, or music, on a daily basis. Of course, you can still do more physical activities like cross-fit, for example. However, you need to understand that these activities awaken the divine masculine. Focus on activities which connect to your emotions if you’re looking to connect with your feminine energy.

#6 Spend more time listening. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re not listening enough. If we were, the issues going on in the world today wouldn’t be happening. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. Actively listening is extremely difficult, especially in a world focused around immediate gratification. Everyone wants their needs met now, but no one wants to listen to anyone else.

#7 Feel your feelings. We’re human beings, we’re not robots. You experience hundreds of different emotions every day. Yet, you’re probably not even aware of it. Feelings are energy which is circulating inside of you.

If used correctly, you can use them to awaken the divine feminine in you. Follow your intuition, and continue pushing forward even when you’re fearful of your emotions. [Read: How to find happiness within yourself and manifest a better tomorrow]

#8 Embrace fear. When it comes to things we fear, we immediately move away from what’s making us fearful. But that’s not what you need to do. Instead, you need to embrace fear and ask yourself why you’re feeling this emotion. Connecting to your divine feminine means you’ll need to question and challenge your emotions, even the bad ones.

#9 Eliminate competition. If your divine masculine has overpowered you, then you’re most likely highly competitive. It’s important to understand competition isn’t necessarily negative, but rather than seeing your enemies as such; you need to change your perspective. Instead, you should be seeing these individuals as mentors, learning from them. [Read: 20 signs of insecurity people can’t hide when they feel insecure]

#10 Celebrate beauty. The thing about life is that beauty is everywhere. Most of us don’t notice it because we’re too busy competing against one another. To awaken your divine feminine, you should create beauty wherever you go. Decorate your soul, feed your soul with things you see truly beautiful. Allow your senses to take over, rather than societal standards.

#11 Get rid of criticism. In today’s world, we often are focused on the negative. We’re comparing ourselves to others, focusing more on what we don’t like about ourselves. This only works to suppress our divine feminine, creating an imbalance between the two. Yes, the divine masculine is good, but when it overpowers the other, self-love diminishes.

#12 Trust your intuition. We all have intuition, it’s inside all of us. However, our society often pushes us to make rational decisions. Now, this isn’t bad, this is a part of the divine masculine. But, we can’t ignore our instinct. Tuning into your body and listening to its response is part of the divine feminine and it’s crucial in decision-making.

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The divine feminine is extremely powerful. By connecting with it, you’ll be able to not only become a stronger person, but you’ll also build stronger relationships with the people around you.

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