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How to Ask a Girl to Hang Out: 12 Crucial Steps You Should Follow

So, you like a girl, and you want to take it to the next step and get some time with her. Well, you’re going to have to know how to ask a girl to hang out.

The idea behind understanding how to ask a girl to hang out is terrifying. I know, you probably think, how does Natasha know how it feels? Well, I’ve asked guys to hang out before. And trust me, not all of them ended up with me going on a date with them, so I get where your anxiety comes from.

But here’s the thing, there’s nothing actually to worry about. Right now, you’re freaking out, figuring out what you should do because you like her which is really sweet and understandable. But if you overthink the ways to ask her out, then imagine how it’s going to be when you’re in front of her. [Read: How to make girls chase you and become Mr. Irresistible]

How to ask a girl to hang out

So, if you want to reduce your anxiety then prepare yourself. Knowing what to say or how to say it helps you when it comes to the moment where you ask her to hang out. I really wish I had someone to guide me through it. Maybe I wouldn’t have failed so miserably.

So, that’s why I’m here, I don’t want to you make the same mistakes as I did. I want you to land yourself a date with the girl of your dreams. Why don’t we get started? Because it’s not as hard as it appears to be.

#1 This isn’t a big deal. At this moment, knowing how to ask a girl to hang out is a big deal for you. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. I’m here to tell you it’s really not a big deal. You’re not asking her to marry you, just a simple hang out. The reason why you miss so many opportunities with girls is you make a big deal out of something people do every day—they hang out with each other. [Read: How to make a good first impression on a girl and leave her in awe]

#2 Ease up with the seriousness. Again, you’re not asking to marry her. There’s no need to ask her out using Old English, “Will thy lady accompany me to dinner?” If anything, it freaks her out and ends the opportunity for you to hang out with her because you made her nervous. Keep it casual.

Yes, ask her to the movies but say it in a non-aggressive way. For example, “You want to catch a movie this weekend?” or “Want to grab something to eat?” [Read: Hilarious and cheesy pick up lines to make her laugh]

#3 Don’t just do it randomly. If you never talk to her and suddenly one day walk up to her and ask her out, she’d probably say no, or yes and then make up an excuse when it’s time to go on the date. Create some sort of relationship with her. Make her comfortable around you. No one goes on a date with a complete stranger. Even people we meet at bars and clubs, we usually spent a couple minutes prior talking to them. [Read: How to get a girl to notice you and like you without even talking to her]

#4 Ask her out when she’s in a positive mood. If you want her to agree to hang out with you, ask her in a moment where you’re experiencing great conversation. Maybe she laughs at your story or just finished telling you a funny joke. The point is, women listen to their emotions, so it’s best to ask a girl out when she’s in a good mood.

#5 Keep the date idea simple. I know you want to take her on an amazing date filled with puppies and ice cream and sports cars, but don’t. Seriously, you may think women like that, but we don’t—especially not on a first date. Keep it super simple.

Go for a walk, go to the beach, grab an ice cream. Something focused on getting to know each other. Plus, a simple date idea won’t intimidate her.

#6 Communicate with her. If you asked her out already then why not keep the communication going up until the date. Talk to her when you see her, text her when apart. It helps relax both of you and creates a relationship. Therefore, when you meet up, it won’t be dead silence. [Read: A complete guide to texting before the first date]

#7 When in doubt, hang out in groups. Listen, if you think she likes you but is nervous, do a group hang out. This makes her feel more comfortable with the idea and relaxed since she has support around her. You’ll also be able to see how she interacts with her friends and what her interests are as she’s more herself than on a one-on-one hang out.

#8 Choose a place that’s convenient and open. Asking her over to watch a movie isn’t going to happen. First of all, she assumes all you want is a hook up. Second, you asked her out, so make an effort to actually go out with her instead of her driving to your house. Pick a public place, it makes her feel more comfortable and shows her you respect her.

#9 There’s no right time. Whether you ask her today or in three weeks, it doesn’t matter. If you’re trying to figure when or how to ask a girl to hang out, there’s literally no right time to do it. And, if you wait, you run the risk of someone else asking her out and stealing your chance. In other words, it’s time to man up and just take the chance. You can do it. [Read: 12 obvious signs she wants you to ask her out already]

#10 If she says no, stop. If you ask her out once and she says no, okay, you can ask one more time. But if she says no after two asks, then stop. Her saying no is because of three reasons: she’s busy, she doesn’t want to hang out with you, she’s a flake. Regardless of which, don’t waste your time waiting.

#11 Keep it respectful. I know many men when asking a girl out, send a dick pic or ask them to send nudes. Listen, you may get a date out of it, I’m not going to say you won’t, but you’re not going to land yourself anything meaningful or worthwhile. If you genuinely like a girl, speak to her in a respectful manner. Most of us don’t want to see a dick pic or send nudes. [Read: How to talk to women and capture their attention immediately]

#12 Accept rejection. Listen, I was rejected many, many times—more times than I’d like to admit. But here’s the thing: it happens sooner or later. This has nothing to do with you. She’s just not into you which is great actually. You save yourself the time and energy of hanging out with someone who wasn’t interested in seeing you in the first place.

[Read: 20 moves to get super lucky and pick up girls effortlessly]

Now that you know how to ask a girl to hang out, it’s time to implement these tips and land yourself some one-on-one time with her.

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