Here’s why you shouldn’t wash your face in the shower

Zeichner notes that hot water has been scientifically proven to irritate the skin. “Hot water can strip the skin of oils, leading to dryness, irritation, and inflammation,” he says. 

Consultant dermatologist Dr. Juber Hafiji, speaking to RTE, agrees, explaining, “Despite the widespread belief that hot water helps open pores for cleansing, there is little evidence to support this.”

Lauren Mackenzie, skincare expert and head of medical aesthetics for Transform, recommends washing your face in the sink instead. She notes that it’s far easier to control the temperature of the water in the sink, which makes it easy to customize the temps for your tender facial skin. “Unlike when you are in the shower, the water will be cooler, and this is much better for the delicacy of the skin in the facial area,” she says. 

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