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Hair colors you’ll be asking for in 2020

“While copper is always eye-catching for fall and winter,” Kate Reid, multi-award-winning colorist and design director for COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy, told The List, “the biggest incoming shades for 2020 are from tangerine, mandarin [orange], burnt peach, and golden red tones.” And, yes, these shades look as good as they sound. 

Reid explained further, saying, “Citrus shades are taking center stage on the catwalk, [with] these tones working in multiple ways.” Like pale tones, the hair guru said these citrusy hair colors are going to be used as highlights, balayage, all-over application, and even dip-dyes. 

In May 2019, Gerilyn Ghaisarzadeh, a colorist at Capricci Ricci Salon in Orlando, Fla., created what she called “peach blonde” — a shade that we can’t wait to see more of in 2020. “Peach blonde is perfect for anyone with olive skin or with someone with golden flecks in their eyes,” Ghaisarzadeh told Allure. She continued, “Fair skin can accommodate peach blonde as long as [the face is framed] with a darker, more complementary color to contrast to their light skin.”

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