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Foods That Are Good For the Heart

Humans have been eating variations of similar foods for thousands of years. In recent times, science has discovered how many of these nutrient specific foods have been an integral part of human development and health all along, and why they help us to stay alive so well. There are many organs that are benefitted by nature’s gifts, but which ones have the ability to help the heart?

List of foods that are good for the heart.


foods that are good for the heart
Nuts are high in a kind of fat that is very beneficial to the body. These kinds of fats are called unsaturated fats. These fats are important for your health because they have been shown to reduce the chance of heart disease. That doesn’t mean eating more of them than normal is good, because health is achieved primarily through balance. A half cup is usually all that is needed.


foods that are good for the heart
For over 100 years, oats have been a mainstay for breakfast and other meals throughout the day. These little grains provide a source of both soluble and insoluble types of fiber that aid the body in the absorption and removal of cholesterol, which is a massive help to heart health. Studies have shown that people who eat oatmeal have a lower risk of heart disease than those who don’t eat it.

Sunflower Seeds

foods that are good for the heart
Coronary artery disease is a common type of cardiovascular disease that usually occurs when blockage forms in pathways to the heart. When this blockage reaches the point where it becomes a serious issue the direct result is usually a heart attack. Sunflower seeds and other foods that contain a high level of vitamin E, which has been effective against these blockages, and more effective than vitamin E supplementation. It is
recommended to put more focus on antioxidant sources.

Bell Peppers

foods that are good for the heart
As a pepper matures through its different stages, the colors become an indication of the flavor that the pepper will provide. The chemical that provides the coloring for the bell peppers are called carotenoids. The carotenoids possess powerful antioxidant properties that help the body to fight cellular damage that lead to a multitude of disorders including heart disease and cancer. They accomplish this by helping to break down the blockages that form in arteries.

These are generally healthy foods that fit a variety of special diets as well.

More foods that are best for the heart :

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