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Don’t shop at Bath and Body Works until you read this

If you were to get a whiff of your old faithful Bath & Body Works scent, you’d probably feel as if you were instantly transported back in time. Smells conjure up memories, Ken Heilman, a professor of neurology and health psychology at the University of Florida, confirmed when speaking to NBC News. He revealed, “When you smell things you remember your emotions…” As it happens, nostalgia is also part of what goes into making Bath & Body Works’ iconic fragrances. So, even if you never smelled a particular scent from the retailer, you might still get that warm, fuzzy feeling.

In an interview with HelloGiggles, Patricia Bilodeau, the vice president and senior perfumer of the Scent and Care Division North America who works with Bath & Body Works, said her love of music, cooking, and baking has provided inspiration for different fragrances. Bilodeau was actually one of the brains behind one of the retailer’s first scents, Twisted Peppermint. “To me, this scent captures the nostalgic spirit of the holidays and I think that’s what people love about it,” the expert reflected. And who wouldn’t want their very own bottle of nostalgia?

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