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Does dry brushing actually work?

However, this doesn’t mean dry brushing isn’t effective in other ways. According to Dr. Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin, M.D., NYC dermatologist and founder of Entière Dermatology, dry brushing can improve the appearance of skin. “In general, rubbing the skin (whether it is with a dry brush, any applicator, or your hand) will increase blood flow and circulation,” Dr. Levin told SELF. “The skin will then have a pink to red appearance, looking slightly swollen, which can give a more youthful appearance — but this is temporary.” 

Dr. Zeichner agrees, adding that dry brushing can also “enhance skin radiance and light reflection so the skin looks brighter.” 

Dry brushing can also make skin feel smoother, because when you’re brushing, you are basically exfoliating. “When you exfoliate on dry skin, the friction is increased as opposed to when the skin is wet. When the friction is increased, exfoliation is more effective,” Levin noted. To achieve the best results and get great, exfoliated skin, dry brush twice a week before showering. As far as its other purported benefits, well — there may not be any. But that doesn’t mean you won’t love the results anyway. 

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